Listen Up Folks

Do not, I repeat do not put off taking care of your health and learn the warning signs of serious health issues such heart attacks and strokes today.We lost a friend and fellow racer yesterday who was only 39 from a massive heart attack. He left behind a wife and two young sons. He died one day after his wedding anniversary. His last Facebook post read, “Today fourteen years ago I married my sweetheart..........Love Ya Honey...........”...more
 @JennaHatfield Thank you. I admit, we do too. It's too bad it takes a reminder like this to get ...more

A Widow's Point of View, Part II

A few more things my friend wished to share.  Some of these I knew to do, others never crossed my mind.  I admire her strength and her willingness to share what she's learned during this difficult time.1.  If you have a safety deposit box, where is the key?2.  Take index cards and notate what goes to whom around the house.  Include a picture.3.  Make sure your living will is on file with both your doctor and your local hospital....more

I hate you, Cancer

Dear Cancer,You have ravaged my family.  You’ve stolen my grandparents, you’ve harassed my aunts, uncles, my father and  my friends – and you’re taking my Aunt. You’re like a thief, coming in and taking what you have no right to.  Taking away not just their health, but the qualities that made them who they were.  You have cast a shadow over our lives – we’ve learned to live in fear of you.  You silently creep in... continue reading at Delusional Mom...more

Looking Back 7 Years

Seven years ago today. Its a blur, a distant memory, yet it stands clearer in my mind than probably any other event if my life.It was a sunny Saturday morning. The day before Mother's Day. The long awaited day for this southern girl to finally get to plant her flowers since we made it out of the northern freeze period. I was 6 months pregnant with Evan. Life was good....more


I'm scared of lots of things; never being truly happy, making bad choices being just two. But those are fears I can control and can do something about. I have 4 huge fears, and 1 is a major phobia. They affect my life to varying degrees. Death and losing my boys ...more

Remembering my quirky uncle

“What can you do when you live in a zoo?” My sister sent this phrase to me in a text message today, reminding me of a line one of my uncles would often say to make light of life’s ups and downs. Never take anything too seriously always seemed to be the philosophy which guided his life, for better or – as was often the case – for worse. My sisters and I exchanged memories of our maternal uncle Adel throughout the afternoon after learning this morning that he had passed away (الله يرحمه/God rest his soul)....more

Life and Death

I have been away the past two weeks in Hawaii on Molochai, at the leper colony where Saint Damien lived and ministered. I have been overwhelmed--so much beauty, and so much sadness, and death. I came home to find out of a death of an old acquaintance,and am planning a service for young girl who lived on the streets. The following quote fits where I am: "The very moment God sees us fullyconvinced of our nothingness, He reaches out His hand to us." - Therese de Lisieux -...more

Celebrating A Grandma (But Not Mine?)

Last night, my husband lost his maternal grandmother Viola Dopps. Her death was expected; although came too soon. Once it was revealed to her last week that cancer was taking her life, she made the decision to let go and let God. As we get ready to celebrate her life, I couldn't help but stand back and be a witness to her accomplishments. I've only known Vi for 9 years, but have grown to admire her greatly. ...more
Grandma Vi looks like she was the true heart to the family. I am very sorry for your loss and ...more

A Thank You Note, on the Death of Your Daughter.

My chiropractor and his wife had a baby girl last week.  She lived for 7 1/2 hours, and then died.  Hubby and I spent the last week not knowing this.  We only knew that she had been born and that there were complications, and that it was not good.   I got to my appointment today and found out the rest....more

Notes From The Grave

In the movie “My Life”, Michael Keaton starts a video journal for his unborn child when he learns he had a terminal illness....more
 @victorias_view That's my plan, too :)more