I was having dinner with my girlfriend the other night when the topic of death came up. We are both unfortunate members of girls-who’ve-lost-their-fathers-too-young club; and as well-meaning as many people are, it is nice to speak with someone who understands what I’m going through....more

My Emotional Baggage

I hate the spotlight.  I hate receiving gifts, awards, praise.  I like my role to be a nurturer, a giver.  I hate asking for help.  I like to try to accomplish everything myself, partially due to my need to be in control of situations and partially because I hate burdening people.  Hating the spotlight and not wanting to burden people have kept me silently dealing with a problem that until today, no one knew I had.  Not my family.  Not The Big Guy....more

Grandpa's In The Ground Now

81 days.Around the time I posted "Giving Up Grandpa" I let my close friends and family in on an estimate: I figured that within 3 months of moving out of our house that my Dad would be either in the hospital, in a nursing home, or in the ground.It took 84 days to get him in the ground when his care was no longer in my control.  81 days for him to take his last struggling breath and 3 more to bury him.  I've never wanted less to say "I told you so".The past couple w...more

Children's Book on Death

Please check out Gayle Fuhr's children's book called Grandma Ruby and Me. It tells the story of Taylor, age 7, who loses her grandma. Beautiful illustrations and a lovely story which opens up death to children. Even though it is written and illustrated with an African American family it is great for all ehtnicities as death knows no color. You can order from the author directly or her publisher or Amazon. Gayle Fuhr on facebook. Message her....more

How Do We Talk About the Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting?

Two weeks ago, a gunman entered a movie theater in Colorado and killed twelve people. In the days following the shootings in Aurora, there were discussions. We spoke of inadequate gun laws. Or we argued that this had nothing to do with guns....more
Thank you for this very thought provoking post.  And it's so true - the media and our education ...more


"Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future." Or does it?...more


Tuesday night was incredibly special for me to experience with my husband, right up there with watching him get baptized. It was a precious experience that not many other people have, and I pray that they don't have it. ...more

Giving In To The Chaos

I am giving in to the chaos of construction.  Time away, even though it was only one night at the cabin, spending time with friends, laughter and a few glasses of wine, have given me the breather I needed.  I have cancelled the new book club meeting that I had scheduled for Wednesday night and I'm cancelling the house cleaning that would have taken place.  There is no point on that one.  I have opened my schedule to let the chaos rule my world.  I even cancelled my hair appointment, twice, for the gray coverage....more

In loving memory

One of my favourite pastimes while visiting British Columbia during my summer holiday is taking morning strolls down the meandering gravel trail that stretches alongside the Fraser River situated about 10 minutes from our house in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, Canada. A walk along the pathway in the early morning isn't particularly elaborate; its beauty is much more unassuming and steeped in nostalgia....more