How Not to Write An Obituary

I really thought that my demise would signal the end of my years of editing and writing, but after reading a questionable obituary the other day, I now know my writing skills must be utilized even after death. The obituary I am referring to was glowing…initially.“She loved four-letter words almost as much as gardenias, hot-air balloons, needlepoint and kokopellis.”...more

Today's everyday poetry: The sun was red, the slug was dead

Hey, it rhymes! Isn't poetry that rhymes generally better than the other kind?Aw, that's probably above my pay grade. My domain is closer to the ground. Like when the big red fireball lights up the corn fields and pierces the mist that had settled over the farm where I jog (cold air air + warm earth = eerily beautiful paths)....more

Planning to outlast your partner

The other day I heard a comedian say that a successful marriage is when one partner gets to watch the other partner die first. Yes, that is pretty morbid, but it is also true: Marriage vows even state "til death do us part."...more

Death On A Pedestal

I‘ve had anxiety before, but this time started out as genuine fear…...more

Gram, I Hope You Finally Have Peace

Gram, I Hope You Finally Have Peace I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow; but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.   ~Agatha Christie...more
Denise Thank you very much!more

Flash Fiction: I Used To Dream About You Dying

There are some dreams you shouldn't tell people about. This is one of them....more

My tree of life lost another leaf

People die.  I know, duh.Yesterday, my tree of life lost another leaf. I learned that yet another one of my friends is no longer of this life.  Death was just a fleeting concept to me for the longest time. Until 1990, the only people who had died in my life were family members I loved but didn't really get to know because I was so young....more

Explaining Death To Your Child

We haven't had to thoroughly explain to our daughter the process of death...not until recently. About a week ago, a after school child was in a very bad car accident. Running across the street, he was hit by a car and was in critical condition until he decided to let go and be with his higher being. As an emotional spirit, I shed a tear for him, his siblings and for his mother. I did not know him that well but seeing him and all the other kids of the after school/daycare program everyday is like they are a part of your life. ...more

My brother's death

How are you?...more