Forget Me Not.

He should be eighteen But will remain forever nine The little boy with the laughing eyes And the mop of curly untameable hair Caught forever in endless days of childhood A chance word A song on the radio It catches me unaware Reopening a wound that has never fully healed My heart screams in pain And I am hurled once more upon the jagged rocks of memory. A phonecall in the night My sister's tears Her mumbled words Her grief rends the world I hold her tight Yet cannot touch her...more

For Gina and Vanessa, Gone Too Soon

Maybe it is because my daily commute to work takes me through Delaware County, Pa., in close proximity to the train tracks where Vanessa Dorwart and Gina Gentile ended their lives on Thursday, an apparent suicide pact.Maybe it is because I remember being 16 and feeling like my life was over because of a breakup, that I would never feel whole and healed again.Maybe it is because I'm a parent and cannot imagine what these girls' families are going through.M...more

Aging is beautiful...

Narmatha's Thoughts

Loving the blogger babies

The other night, in my choir practice, I requested prayer for Layla Grace. I had to take a few minutes to explain how I "know" her, because the fact is, I don't know her. I have never met her, or her parents. I haven't so much as gotten an "@" from her mom on Twitter. She doesn't even follow me. And yet, for the past week and a half, I go to sleep and wake up thinking of this little girl and her family....more

Not Today

Most days are too busy. Filled with the everyday trappings of being a wife and a mother. Most days my heart and my mind are occupied with the husband and three little boys that make up my whole world.Not today. Never today. Today always starts and ends with tears. Today I am forced to think of all the things I am not doing. Today I will not wake my child with happy birthday. I will not tuck a note in a lunch box. I'll not be sending a favorite cupcake flavor to school to be shared with classmates. I won't be making a favorite dinner tonight. I've no birthday party to plan....more

A Giant of a Man

We buried my grandfather today.  It has taken a couple of days for the family to gather around, from far and wide through ice storms and blizzards.  At first I was fine and able to control my tears by focusing on my memories of my grandfather.... Continue Lanita Moss

Processing Loss on the Internet

Sitting shiva is a Jewish mourning ritual; seven days where the family is surrounded by friends and community who bring them food and share memories about the person lost. The purpose is to comfort the mourner--and what better way of stating your desire to comfort them than by taking time out of a busy schedule to show up and be present. ...more

I think starting Exhale was a way for me ...more

I Am 50, and the Angels Still Sing

Today, my son, 19, returned home from classes at the University of New Orleans, bounded into my bedroom where I was working and said, "So, tomorrow, you'll be over the hill." I said, "What do you mean? I'm already over the hill." And I laughed. He said, "Mom, haven't you heard that 50 is the new 40? Everybody knows that the half-way point makes you over the hill." ...more

I need this kind of boost, LoveBabz. Thank you. :-)


When Your Friend's Death Wish Is Granted

It came as no surprise to hear that my friend of 40 years had terminal cancer. It was just the type of cancer that was the surprise. After spending over 40 years smoking two, sometimes three or four packs a day, imbibing scotch, smoking weed, and flirting with cocaine, the surprise was that the diagnosis was leukemia, not lung cancer. ...more