Breast Cancer Awareness Month & The Women We Honor

My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. She had a mastectomy at a time when I was too young to even understand what that meant....more

A Widowed Mom Reviews "The Boys Are Back"

Hollywood loves the widower as romantic lead. Clive Owen’s character in the Boys are Back promises a trifecta cliché: he cared for his wife when she had cancer, he parents their small child, and he has no idea how to do laundry.I can see the screenwriters salivating: enter the beautiful divorcee with a kid the same age, cue music, and as the sun sets we know closure’s been reached. And no one really expects a movie to hit it on the head when discussing an issue like losing a partner and raising a child amid the stress and numbness of grief. ...more

They're turning a funeral home into a preschool! Extreme re-purposing while we watch.

A notice appeared in the newspaper saying the old funeral home had been sold and would become a preschool.  That building's been there for decades.  It's handsome, the way those places used to be.  It was vacant for a long time but the grounds around it were always manicured.   ...more

Avoid Your Own Astor Disaster or Where There’s A Will…

While it’s safe to say that no members of the Astor family will be taking away the Nobel Peace Prize (and congrats to President Obama) that’s not to say that we all haven’t been following the drama as it unfolds....more

The end has a face

I can’t stop myself from thinking about THE END. Not the end of anything in particular, and not the end of all ends, but just the end of some things that do indeed end. ...more

You echo my feelings about ends!  Even when it is not a big deal, I still feel a bit ...more

Some Of The Scariest Words In The World: Sudden. Infant. Death.

When my daughter was an infant, I was terrified to leave her alone to sleep. I'd heard the stories, seen the warnings, read all the statistics: young babies sometimes die. In their sleep. Inexplicably. And no known means of prevention....more

Thank you!more

Laughing all the way to the grave

Disclaimer: Just for the record: For the most part, I think our president walks on water-- and god forbid I ever say anything that makes Sarah Palin sound sensible. Last night I laughed along with President Obama and David Letterman at the mention of the words "death panels." Ironically, just hours before Obama appeared on the Late Show, a study was released--in time for National Alzheimer's Day--and it's no joke: ...more


On September 18th, 2009 our first child was born stillborn. My husband and I are looking for support, advice and companionship through this painful time. We are hurting and need help. I have started a recovery blog entitled "The Root of all Evel" in honor of his middle name. The blog is located at  Please help us find the support we need. Thank you kindly in advance. J+J ...more

BlogHers of the Week: Lesbian Dad; Spin Me I Pulsate; and Matt, Liz and Madeline

This week we couldn't help but notice a theme in some of your recommendations for BlogHer of the Week. As I started to read your posts a familiar, but long tucked away, feeling of grief arose, and I was grateful I wasn't in the office at that moment, because the tears came, then again, and again. I remembered how it felt to touch bottom, experience emptiness, and then see life slowly leak back into the picture, sometimes slowly, and other times with overwhelming, ersatz saturation like Technicolor. ...more

I read the BlogHer of the week posts I am just blown away by the power of words and the ...more

Back-to-School: Sandwich Generation Edition

The newness of back-to-school has worn off, and we're settling into our parenting routines. Right? Except for those members of the sandwich generation who never quite know what to expect from their aging parents. What do you do when you have soccer practice at the same time as your father's doctor appointment? Your father who can't drive anymore? Replicate yourself? ...more

Honestly, it's a balancing act where no one wins...and someone always loses out. Take a ...more