"We Will Miss You Juan" - How Do You Talk To A Child About Death?

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HIV/AIDS 2009 Prevention Conference

So I just returned from the 2009 National HIV Prevention conference in Atlanta and I am reflecting on a number of interesting facts that I picked up at the conference.  First of all Magic Johnson was the main speaker for the opening night.  He was wonderful.  If you have never heard him speak he is very personable.  He walked up and down the aisles while speaking allowing people to take his picture and to also take pictures with him while he spoke.  This was very interesting because people were hell-bent on getting his picture even if they had to disrupt the confere ...more

A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Tale of Surviving Adversity

So Much More Than a Mom recently wrote about the events that lead to her breakdown. That got me to thinking about my own little breakdown. Cyndi's climaxed after a 2-year series of unfortunate events; mine climaxed after 8 14 years of unfortunate events. I *should* password-protect this post so that it doesn't end up being screen-shot or quoted on someone else's blog, but I'm tired of letting CAB hinder me. ...more

9/11: Too Easy to Forget and We Can Help Remember

It sounds trite to say that we must never forget September 11, 2001.  It is trite I guess -- the kind of trite that comes when something is so true that there aren't enough ways to say it.  And of course that's what this is - we can't forget 9/11 - not really.  Sadly though we can let it become just another day like Veteran's Day where people sigh, think for a moment and move on. ...more

This is a great topic! I also just heard about the 9/11 Day of Service initiative. It's another ...more

Why I Didn't Attend BlogHer '09

I didn't attend BlogHer '09 -- and I really wish I could have.  I want and need the networking opportunities, how-to tips and more.  Here's why I didn't attend, taken directly from my blog: ...more

I am deeply sorry and my thoughts will be with you.  

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Giving Gifts - Hit or Miss?

When it comes to choosing a gift basket or flower arrangement – how do you decide what to send and which company to use from the thousands of registered on–line gift and basket companies providing this service?  Most of you will use a search engine, and I recommend being specific in your search.  Organic gifts, diabetic gifts, or loss of a mother, before you type in ‘gift baskets’.  I am a supporter of buying local – and in many circumstances I would purchase as close to the recipient as I can by adding their delivery town and zip code.  If you choose to have a gift shipped, A ...more

Speaking about Stillbirth and Why It's Important

Washington Post columnist, Alan Goldenbach, wrote a moving piece this week in the newspaper about the death of his son in-utero and society's inability to discuss stillbirth and neonatal death. What wasn't quite so moving were some of the comments that came as a response to the article. The believed anonymity of the Internet brings out cruelty. It isn't anything the average person experiencing a loss hasn't heard before: ...more
My first child was stillborn, which no cause for her death determined, in November.  I wish I'd ...more

Handling the Awkward but Necessary Talk

     Talking to your aging parents about their future can be an awkward conversation (especially if you know they aren’t as prepared as they should be). It is a conversation that we have to have but one we all put off. There are many suggestions of ways to spark up the talk, but one excellent way to get started is to do your own estate plan and use it as a way to talk to your parents about their financial situation. ...more


I am depressed not dead...this was an epiphany I had this afternoon after I left my therapists office. I have been drowning in the black bottomless pit of self pity for many months now. It started with the loss of our daughter in "07", was hit at the knees when my beautiful brother died in May of "08" and sunk to the bottom when I lost my husband to cancer in January.  I had lost hope. Everything around me had a gloomy gray haze. ...more

Grieving is like barfing: It hurts, but hopefully you'll feel better

Three years ago today I was crying. My chest cavity had been pried apart by the ugly hands of abuse, history, death, and pain and my insides pulverized. I could barely breathe for the sheer magnitude of the storm of my feelings: grief, relief, anger, pain, and, yes, even happiness that he was finally gone. ...more