How Long Should You Wait Before Posting About a Death?

Usually my pre-bedtime scan of social media is pretty mundane. I might bookmark an interesting news article or wish someone happy birthday before the stroke of midnight. However, on Monday night the first post on my Facebook newsfeed stopped me in my tracks. My 19-year-old cousin had just announced to 1,007 of her friends and acquaintances that our grandmother had died. ...more
Last month, my step-grandmother passed away. I had read about it on my stepsister's fb page on a ...more

Remembering Gram


Why I'm OK with death in children's movies

At first it is disturbing: Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, The Little mothers. Most people notice the trend of parents (especially mothers) dying in children's movies when they introduce the classics to their children....more

3 Ways I Might Die

If any of the following incidents serve as foreshadowing, I might be in for an unfortunate, untimely demise. I’d rather die when I’m around 90, from a battle of wits gone awry, but it’s out of my hands.Here are a few reasons why I could probably die in a mortifying way....more

Aging and Death: Discussing It With Kids

 I started a blog series on my blog entitled, "Mommy Cab Discussions," in which I talk about conversations I have in the car or otherwise known as the "Mommy Cab" with my kids.  The conversations are usually with my son, who is currently six years old.  Similar to many children, he is inquisitive and opens up discussions that can be funny or serious. ...more

No Mo’ NaBloPoMo

Posted on November 30, 2014...more

A Lament For Job's Dead Children

As I drove to church early Sunday morning, I heard a gospel song on the radio that had the following refrain, "God gave Job twice as much as he had before."...more

The Imminent Death of My Church (And the Hope for Resurrection)

We had a tough meeting today. It was another meeting full of stress and dreary reports about the state of our finances. This time, though, was the worst so far.We have one year to live.If our pledges stay where they are, and our expenses keep rising, we will be broke in one year.We have reached the bottom. We can see the potential imminent death of our church as we know it.And yet, there is hope.There are plans for a visioning process, talk of change, discussions about being church more....more