The sweet escape

Today I woke up and I am still sad about the loss of my cat. But, I am feeling like I am gaining more closure. I talked to my boyfriend today and it was a really nice conversation. I am grateful that even though my cat is no longer here with me at least she is in a better place. I'm grateful I still have my other two cats. I'm grateful for the spring and the flowers blooming and I saw the cutest baby bunny eating grass today. Those are sweet moments and I'm grateful for them. I'm grateful that the Lord have me another day on earth. I filled out my application ...more

8 years

Happy Anniversary I missed important anniversaries last week. On Friday, It was my eighth anniversary of working with the state and Tuesday was my eighth anniversary of living in the state. I remembered that November 1 was the anniversary of my last day at the nursing home and October 15 was the anniversary of being called to HR and being told that today they were giving my two weeks notice that they were laying me off. It is cold comfort that the witch in HR doesn't have her job there either. ...more


While I prayed to the Lord that if my kitty was not meant to go to please save her or if she was let her go as peacefully as possible. It was the Lords will for my cat to leave this earth but I am finding comfort in the fact that she is not completely gone. But, I am still very sad. It's also hard for me because this time of year seems to be when a lot of loss happens in my life. My godfather died 3 years ago around this time and my dog 2 years ago around this time and so it is very hard for me right now but I am trying to do the best that I can to cope. ...more

to put a tag for prayer even though that's what my blog title is called. Oh well i won't worry ...more

A Brother, Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day

by Alexsandra Stewart   ...more

An Open Letter To Oprah Winfrey On Sexual Bullying

Dear Oprah, Thank you for your show on sexual bullying yesterday. You helped to put a very serious issue under the national spotlight. I'm disappointed, however, that you didn't address that bullying is a learned behavior. ...more

I could relate because I was bullied in school. It is very devesating and something that should ...more


One monkey don’t stop this show. ...more

Making the case for girlfriends (If I could talk to my mother today)

I would have girlfriends today if for no other reason than that my mother didn’t, and I viewed her life as lacking in that one very important way. Of course I think of my own mother this time of year, and I remember sadly the way she died.  ALS is a scary ending.  She was already widowed by then and was lost without him.  Those years before she left us are difficult in memory even after more than a decade.  During that long time of being bedridden, no girlfriends came to visit. ...more

California woman claims her father was the Zodiac Killer

Her name is Deborah Perez and she said: My father was the Zodiac Killer. Her father was Guy Ward Hendrickson who died in 1983 of cancer. He was a carpenter and father of 6 children. ...more

17 Kisses

Last night, as I was tucking my sweet little Miss Monkey in bed, I was reminded of the unfailing love of my grandparents. Miss Monkey, in all her silliness, insisted upon giving me kiss. After kiss. After kiss. Until I'd received 17 kisses from my little angel.17 kisses. ...more

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