Fearing Death and the Media

My week has been marred, not only by the repossession of my car - which is another story in itself, but also with the passing of a beloved film critic, Roger Ebert.  Like many who grew up during the 80s and 90s, I was a regular stalker of Siskel and Ebert's film reviews - not only to sound a little smarter when hanging out with my pop culture-soaked theatre friends, but also because their reviews truly sunk in....more

A Daughter's Nightmare

On August 25 I received the worst phone call of my life. My 21 year old brother called me in a panic to tell me that he, along with my parents, were in a horrible car accident on their way home from a week long fishing trip. My brother and mother both sustained mild to moderate injuries. However, my father died on impact. It is strange to say this but knowing that makes me fell relieved....more

The Box

      I decided it was time to reveal another side of Meno Mama, one that I've never shared here before. You know me for my humor and subtle sarcasm.  But there is so much more. As hesitant as I was about posting this story, a good friend advised me to "write without fear, live without fear."  And for that reason, I'm sharing this today.     No worries, Folks. I promise to bring back all the funny that you know and love next week!...more


Now a days, I know the guy that got killed in the helicopter crash, I know the 14 year old girl that got hit by a car driven by a man who wanted to kill himself but killed her instead.  I know the guy that got a blood clot and died in his wife’s arms.  I know the mom who just died of lung cancer leaving 5 kids behind the oldest only 14.  I know the little boy who drowned in the swimming pool. I know the parents of the boy who killed himself. And I could go on.  These are all people who have shared a life with me and mine. ...more

Horse Shows After My Father's Death

Now I understand why my mom didn't want me to start riding horses again. It wasn't that she thought it was too dangerous or too expensive (although I'm sure that was part of it). It was because she dreaded the phone call she received today – me in hysterics....more

The Day My Mother Died...

A Moment I Would Return to and Re-live   Forgive me if this post has errors be it grammaticaly or spelling. This is one post I will write and never read....more

Does Heaven Have Free Wi-Fi?

I knew from the very first moment that I met Penny, that she was going to become a life-long friend of mine. She was eccentric, boisterous, and genuine.  She was a breast cancer survivor. She laughed easily, hugged tightly, and wore the brightest shade of coral-colored lipstick that left stains on the rim of every glass she ever drank from and every cheek she ever kissed....more

The Cemetery

This scenario happens to me at least four times a week: I am going about my day, usually in a good mood, and then I drive by the cemetery and my world comes crashing down around me. I obviously know where the cemetery is, but I always forget to avoid it. It comes seemingly out of nowhere....more

Questions of Faith

Do you believe in God?...more
Hello there, MrsFox! I am so glad you are posting on BlogHer. What a lovely sharing of self ...more

A Sign from My Dad?

I look for signs from my dad every day, and I pray for him to tell me that he is watching over me every night. While it may be farfetched, I need to know that he is out there somewhere and not simply gone forever....more