When The Death of A Parent Destroys A Family

The death of a parent is one of the hardest things you will ever go through. To lose someone who has been there for you your whole life is devastating. I don't think you can ever be prepared for it....more

Helping Others Through Grief

 Father’s Day is such a difficult time for me…even still.My Dad died July 20th 2003 and sometimes, it’s still so very painful.  Even though we had 5 months to prepare for his death and we knew he was/is much better off, being without him was far more painful than anything I had ever experienced....more

Who walked here once?



One of my favorite things about living in Northern Utah is getting to experience four distinct seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, and my favorite season of all…Fall. I have many fond memories of Fall seasons throughout my life; including meeting my husband in the Fall (at a Halloween party, actually), and we got engaged in the Fall two years later. [click to continue reading]...more

Please accept my regrets

Have you ever wondered why people say that you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead? Maybe it’s because they can’t talk back and actually set the record straight. Whatever the reason, funerals are normally filled with glowing tributes to the one who has passed on....more

Further Than the Moon- My Lesson In Dying




Saying Good Bye to My Mother-in-Love

This time she broke her hip.  Although she was in a ritzy assisted-living facility, the ravages of Alzheimer’s had taken her balance, her wit, her sense and ultimately, her dignity.              My husband drove the six hours to get there and met up with his sister.  Along with my brother-in-law, the three kept vigil over her, did jigsaw puzzles and told corny jokes....more

81 Year Old Man is Killed While Riding His Bike

 "81 Year Old Man is Killed While Riding His Bike"  That was the headline in  the small town's newspaper.  It really says very little and the normal response would be something to the effect that he lived a good life and probably didn't suffer as his death was on impact. ...more