Origination Of Initial Farm Animal

Everyone is aware of cows and different farm animals however in real, anybody is not aware of wherever do cattles come back from? No.. ok!. the most motive of this text to supply data that's genuine by researchers. ...more

The Horse Shall Dine in The Kitchen.

Living on a hobby farm with a crew of kids provides a wealth of material for a story teller. Our farm animals were so full of character, their antics alone will be the subject of many upcoming stories. Of course, the kids were always entertained by the farm animals but my husband and I were as well. Michael especially enjoyed his intelligent pigs, believing that when animals felt loved, they related to people in extraordinary ways. It is true that when my husband scratched, behind his beloved pig’s ears, they actually fell asleep....more

Daisy,Our High Maintenance Goat

Daisy entertained us with her antics even more than our traditional pets. For over two decades, we lived on a hobby farm surrounded by nine kids, wild animals, farm livestock as well as traditional pets. Kids need to relate to animals to grow up into well-balance, caring adults who can relate and feel connected to the natural world, not just technological society....more

Farm Animals in the Zoo?

 A friend and I spent the day at the zoo last week. Colorado Springs has a wonderful zoo, on the side of Cheyenne Mountain with lots of natural habitats. As zoos come and go, it’s a pretty special place....more

Your Livestock Want to To Visit INSIDE Your House?

  The Joy of Mothering ...more
yea- kids + animals=fun and warmth. I wrote a post about the importance of animals., thet ...more

Farm Friday - Spring is in the Air

Anne KimballBringing Borya HomeWe haven't had much of a winter this year. Less than 4" of snowfall all season. Pond never froze enough for skating. Not even once.I kept hoping for that one good snowfall, but it never came.Now it's almost March, and I give up.I've gotta admit, all this warm sunshine does feel nice. The critters agree. The goats have been sunbathing on the rocks and the horses are shedding their winter coats like nobody's business.And Annabelle, like always, is happy, happy. ...more

Why We Raise Our Own Meat

The more I learned about the way meat animals are raised here in the US, the less I liked it. Upon realizing the way animals are treated - raised in close quarters with tails or beaks cut off, unable to turn around, fed a constant stream of antibiotics and growth hormones, subsisting on diets that they did not evolve to eat - I knew I couldn’t support the industrial meat production system....more
I love the concept, although I don't know if I could name and then eat the animal that I know I ...more

Animals As Individuals: A Visit to the Farm Sanctuary in California

After visiting the Farm Sanctuary in New York earlier this year, I made a point to visit their California facility... purely for research, of course. Much like it's Eastern counterpart, the western FS is a blessed place, where farm animals once slated for slaughter or facing a life of cruel neglect become individuals with personalities. There, at last, they find peace... and many butt rubs....more

What a wonderful story. more

Well actually..we kinda do....

I am a vegan. Well I'm a lot of things but its one of the many tags I've attached to myself over the years. Now I am normally the easy going vegan. I'm not the sort to explain in graphic detail the life and death of your chicken sandwich over lunch. Nor will I refuse to eat with meat eaters, criticise their eating habits or push my own beliefs on others. Until today...... ...more

A couple of years ago:


Monday Dose of Market: Two Words. Baby Chicks!!!

Wildfire Farms brought 100 baby chicks to the Denver Urban Homesteading Indoor Market this past weekend.  These future egg-producers are Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, Plymouth Barred Rocks, and Araucanas.  Cute is an understatement. ...more