Fishy fancies to keep your dogs tail wagging

When this little face wakes you up every morning you’d do anything to make her happy. Meet Tia, my 10 year old rather grumpy Shih Tzu!Tia has over the last three years battled with many conditions including polyarthritis and spinal disc disease and illnesses caused by the treatment of her original condition. So, in order to keep her occupied during her recovery we’ve had to get creative with her favourite thing .... food!...more

Roasted Salmon Glazed Two Ways

Here are two simple, great ways to make salmon at home. I make salmon at least once a week and these two glazes will turn a salmon hater into a salmon lover. That sounds weird. ...more

Striped tuna with sesame

  Yesterday I knew a woman that I surprised me I do not often feel this way.  I went to see my doctor to receive the hospital discharge report. My particular doctor wasnt , I attended  me  his substitute . He didnt’ know me so he refused to give me the hospital discharge report. I asked him to please, I begged him.  It  was a simple administrative formality, but he refused.    Foto: Leonado de Armas ...more

Sour Fish Sausage With An Acquired Taste

I went to the Golden Mile Complex on Wednesday, for the first time in my life. There was a HUGE Thai supermarket, and therein lies a HUGE selection of chilli pastes and spices. In fact, there are more pastes that I am oblivious to than there are that I am not....more

Crispy Fish with Lemon-Dill Sauce

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I spent most of mine reading through a bunch of cookbooks and playing with my new Apple Watch! I'm completely obsessed! :D...more