Recipe Monday - Maple Cajun Mahi Mahi

This takes 15 minutes. It's amazing....more

Fish should smell like Watermelon.

If you have ever tried fish caught and cooked by a local fisherman you know few things get better than that.  Fish that is so light and soft it does not need  but a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon to be perfect.Fish House and Market  "The Sandbar"  in San Antonio, TX  knows exactly what I mean. Owner, Andrew Weissman believes "fresh fish should smell like watermelon."  And he makes sure fish at "The Sandbar" is proof of that....more

indian fish fry

INDIAN FISH FRYFish fry is an absolute favourite of mine especially when had with dal and rice.Simple yet delicious.INGREDIENTS-5 pieces of cleaned surmai fish1 tsp fresh garlic paste2 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder...more

Doodle Per Diem #19

Today's doodle is some sort of critter in a jar....more

Save The Bay - Eat A Ray and Ask Chef Dennis

Last week at Wegman's as I looked over my seafood options, I saw a new item in the case, Chesapeake Bay Ray.  It had  a rich red color, and looked a little like a tuna steak, but best of all it was only $7.99 a pound.    I watched as another customer purchased a nice piece of the Ray, and asked her if she had ever had it before, she replied no......the draw was the price.  With the ever increasing prices of seafood, it was an unheard of steal! ...more
The notion that cownose rays are "destroying the balance of Chesapeake Bay" is patently false. ...more

Mercury and Power Plants: a punch in the gut for all parents

The comments are in. The docket is closed. The EPA will now consider the thousands of comments that were submitted by the public about its proposed Mercury and Air Toxics Standards – also known as the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Coal- and Oil-Fired Electric Utility Steam Generating Units. The Moms Clean Air Force has worked hard to mobilize moms and dads to write to the EPA about the proposed rule, so we’re taking a deep breath....more

Fish Tacos

I have just spent the last week in the Pacific Northwest visiting my parents, sisters and niece. The temperature was in the eighties, the sky was clear, the air crisp and thankfully no humidity, which was such a relief from the thick hot humid air that Doug and I left behind in Charlotte, NC. When Doug and I arrived in Spokane, my sister Debbie and niece Molly collected us at the airport....more

Pan Salmon Pizza

Here is a recipe, inspired by watching last night's "Master Chef". A contestant name Jennie, I believe, from Texas, made a delicious dish called Salmon Tart. After watching the episode, I was inspired to re-create the recipe into a pizza, since I didn't have any puff pastry. Check out the recipe, in my blog: Please let me know what you think about the recipe, or leave a comment to say "Hi!" :)...more

Mother's Day, The Mount, and "Jersey Fresh" Fluke

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day!  Whether you were honored as a Mom, or you were able to honor your mother, either way made it a very special day....more

The butt biting ways of karma

We were watching cartoons when my 8 year old asked me about karma. A talking dog had just told a boy not to do something because "karma would bite him in the butt." "Is that true, Mama?" she asked. "What?" "Will karma bite you in the butt?" "Not only will karma bite you in the butt, it can also bite the butts of those you love," I said. Her eyes widened. "Is karma gonna bite my butt because of something you've done?" she asked. "Nah, not you. Daddy." "Oh." And she continued watching. ...more

Why does karma have to kick/bite butts anyway? I wish I could work out a deal with karma to ...more