Other moms have made me a better one

A tribute During my first year, indeed the first year of 'Moms and More,' I was so emotionally overwhelmed at the thought of having found the Perfect Thing, I could barely share it with any coherence. All I knew was that I loved the circle that we formed together, in year one of any intricately organized, everything-thought-of, creature-comforts-for-mommies, education, spiritual, 'we're in this together' Mommy group. We were taught that being a mommy is a calling, a gift, and our most important ministry....more

My Road to Happiness...3 things I will do to get there...

 There are 3 things I need to do in order to be happier in my life... 1) Surround myself with positive people, who have my best interests at heart. Stay away from people who give you a bad vibe.  And if you have to be around them, for goodness sake, don't say anything you will regret later.I need to realize:Who matters,    Who never did,    Who won't anymore...    And who always will.......more

The Many Reasons for Giving and Wearing Symbolic Jewelry

  Your first piece of symbolic jewelry could have been given to you at your Christening or to your mother to mark your birth. Symbolic jewelry represents or signifies a special occasion, accomplishment, celebration to honour someone, achievement, awareness of a cause or stand. Religious medallions, Diploma's Numbers, Sayings, Keys are examples of symbolic pieces of jewelry. Many are engraved with special and personal inscriptions, including the date to commemorate the occasion. ...more

10 things We Wish Someone Had Told Us When We Started Graduate School

There are those lessons you learn from facing the fire and walking through it. Those things that you read and know will change the way you think about your life. This list is definitely an outpouring of the former, whether it will serve as the latter for you remains to be seen. So What Did We Wish Someone Had Told Us When We Started Graduate School?*This is partly the advice we would give ourselves if we could go back to day one, an encouragement to those of us still engaged in doctoral and masters coursework, theses, and dissertations, and a chance to express the best of what we know to those thinking about embarking on a PhD or MA program....more
@zibilord I really appreciate the comment Zibi!more

10 things women do when their man is traveling

 Let's just get right to it, shall we?...more

Cheers to you, my "anyway friend"

Sometimes, those little television shows stacked up in my DVR queue actually teach me a life lesson. To those people who say TV fries the brain, well, with all due respect – you are wrong. Big time. Case in point: Maya’s wedding scene on Private Practice. Season 3, Episode 15. Sam, Maya’s father, makes this toast at the reception: ...more

I did bawl watching Sam, and I also bawled while typing this blog post. And again when I ...more

The Party

Kat Spitzer The Happy Hypochondriac www.happyhypochondriac.com...more

The "F" words - 50 & Fitless

Is there such a word as fitless?  If there is that perfectly describes the state of my being.  Next October 2011 I shall be turning 50.  I remember freaking out badly when I turned 30, I also remember not celebrating when I turned 40 because my husband was turning 38.  But I'm getting close to 50 and I cannot wait.  Maturity is a wonderful thing. ...more

You're right - you can be a normal weight and not be fit. Good luck in your quest to leave ...more

Loving Life...

About a month ago I stumbled upon a beautifully designed blog that upon closer inspection seemed interesting.  I wasn't sure what was so cool about it exactly but I skimmed and found myself discovering the story of a mom who's not quite herself yet and a family who loves her ...more

Friends in all the far places

When you are an expat, friendship is tricky. When you move around a lot, local friends are a rare commodity. Currently, my closest friends live in New York, Oslo and Bern (soon to move back to Florida)....more