Hoarding Houseplants? Turn Over a New Leaf

I love plants and gardening, grew up in a family nursery and have a self-taught horticultural background. I have also dragged many pots full of hapless greenery around the country with me in my numerous moves before I learned to let go. I’ve been given countless clippings and sick plants because I have a “green thumb” before I had the courage to just say no. Geez, this sounds like I’m a recovering plant addict....more

It's Snowing Styrofoam!

The large box looked too heavy for my 115 pound frame to carry.  “Jennifer Schwab, Sierra Club Green Home” on the label, yep, it was for me, but I hadn’t ordered anything large lik...more

You've Got Green Mail: Eco-Friendly Business Envelopes

The last time I bought #10 envelopes was about a half-decade ago. For reasons I don't recall, I hauled home a huge box of 500 envelopes. Shortly after, I started my green blog, drastically reduced all snail mail, and dragged around my big box of envelopes to a few different apartments until I finally used them all about a month ago. So a couple weeks ago I walked a block to my nearest Staples -- my go-to store for 100% post-consumer recycled paper -- to find the office chain didn't offer any business-sized envelopes with recycled content! ...more

I know you looked for all those envelopes for the sake of the article, but I have a feeling ...more

Hope You Dance

When my girl was born, I was just amazed. I think I sat there and stared at her for a while. To me, she was just perfection. In fact, I didn't know what to do with her, she was so small and new. I did know one thing - I had no dreams for her. I didn't have dreams that she'd grow up to be an astronaut or an attorney, or have a family, or travel the world. Nope, nothing like that. My thoughts were more mundane....more

A Great Community Experience

Warm wishes to all.Thanks to Blogher, we can create a sense of togetherness and cooperation.The world is becoming smaller and we are living on the same Mother earth.Lets share goodness in life, treasure our health and protect the green. Regards,AlexanderCommunity Classifieds is free for all ...more

Are Women Afraid of Public Transportation Environments?

Ask many a driver why she doesn't take public transit, and a good number will cite safety reasons. While I think this safety issue's often overblown by the Prius-driving neighbors in my Santa Monica neighborhood who drive around midday with the excuse that bus stops can be dangerous in the middle of the night, both real and perceived dangers can certainly keep people -- especially women -- from taking to our public transit systems. ...more

It is never my first, second or even third choice to take public transportation.  I was ...more

Carrying Our Own Containers: Powerful Action or Pointless Inconvenience?

“Do you ever get embarrassed?” A journalist following my plastic-free life put that question to me as I handed the butcher my stainless steel pot. I was buying ground meat for my homemade cat food. In my own container. Waste-free. “No,” I answered flippantly. “I haven’t been embarrassed about anything since I turned 40.” But the answer wasn’t quite that simple. I do realize that my actions can seem extreme to many… okay most… people. And it’s not always easy to buck the status quo. ...more

Hi Diana.  I love that you go back out to your car to get your bags when you forget ...more

Interviews with 48 Changemakers: 4th Anniversary of the Big Vision Podcast

With all the depressing stories on the news, you'd never know that there are all kinds of amazing people out there who not only have big visions for a better world, but are making their big visions real, but there are!...more

No one wants to see your butt, especially birds

Walking to the grocery store the other day, I watched as a man took a final drag off his cigarette and then threw it onto the sidewalk. Sights like that are so common, seldom do they even register in my brain....more

Kick-start Winter Composting With -- Well -- Worms.

It's no secret that I hate to see things go to waste. I have been known to dig recyclable items out of the trash and attempt to Freecycle or otherwise give away some of the craziest stuff before I will consider tossing it in the trash. I really have a hard time throwing away table scraps and fruit and vegetable peels, especially considering my children eat fruit like there's no tomorrow. All of that fruit adds up to a whole lot of orange peels, apple cores and watermelon rinds. ...more

Thanks for clarifying the dog doo (er, is that don't?) dilemma with composting.

Where ...more