A Cowgirl looks (squints) at 60.


Breath: The Miracle Cue.

 It might be the word I say more often than any other during a lesson. I know it’s the cue that does the most good. It’s certainly the cue that’s the most natural:Breathe....more

*Needs Confident Rider*

 *Needs a confident rider*....more

Foto Friday - Animals

I love animals. I don’t know really anyone, who doesn’t love animals. But more importantly, I love photographing them. I love capturing them individually. I love capturing a particular element of them. I love capturing their bond with a person. I love capturing their bond with a fellow animal. I just love everything about them....more

A Recipe for Patience.

 I want to start by saying I used to consider patience the exact same thing as procrastination. I had no time for patience. It was a dull, slow-witted thing, so foreign to me that I couldn’t even figure out what it was that people did while they were being patient....more

What does the horsie say? Seriously.

 Our barn rat, Hannah, didn’t meet the horses her first visit to the farm. She was only 3 days old. We waited till her second visit later that week. It was love at first sight for all of us....more

Dressage: Cackling at the Canter.

 Beach attire for the serious dressage rider....more

Breaking up is hard to do. Is it time?

 It was lunch break and the clinician came into the lounge to eat. She was an experienced competitor and focused clinician with a reputation for being a bit cantankerous....more

Listen First, Train Later.

 Photo by Patrick McMahan...more

An Argument Against the Whip.

There is a time-worn adage about whips. Just like bits or spurs, whips are only as cruel or kind as the rider using them. Maybe.My mentor rarely rode with a whip, but if she did, she carried two. The most challenging horses loved her. Her corrections were impossibly quick and always fair. She was twice as quick to reward. The conversation with her hands, on the bridle and whip, were eloquent and resistance-free. Riding is an art....more