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Last week, I came home and found a note on my windshield. I thought it was from one of the neighbors asking me not to be a butthole about parking my car. Instead, it was a $42 parking ticket because my tabs had expired last month, and I haven’t gotten around to paying it because I am lazy and I don’t need The Man telling me what to do. I’m going rogue! Nissan Rogue! After I improve my credit score for a low-interest rate! I grabbed the ticket and sulked inside, where I grumbled as I renewed my tabs online and printed out my receipt....more

When I was much younger, I found myself driving through the streets of Manila, highly ...more

Following your dream...

No matter where it takes you is always the best way to go!  We grow every day now with confidence and satisfaction that we are finally exactly where we are suppose to be in our lives. Kimberly Peterson Freelance Writer, Photographer, Entrepreneur & Jack of All Trades Visit our website at or our blog at Liv...more

Valentine's Day for Feminist Lovers

I know that some people believe that "feminist" and "lovers" do not belong in the same sentence, either because feminists are horrible people incapable of love (especially heterosexual love, which is why we never shave our pits or legs or bikini lines) or because feminists are horrible people that no one else is capable of loving (because we never shave our pits or legs or bikini lines).Pat Robertson famously opined that, "Feminism is a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians." Obviously anyone who engages in feminism must be terrible....more

(I'm making the gesture Mr. Burns uses when he's excited.) 

Suzanne also blogs ...more

Exploring my sinful side - the green eyed monster...

I have recently become a member of Judith’s Room, a new forum for women writers, through which I have been able to share my writing, read what other people have to say, and generally pass the time when I should be working. The group is launching a series of new themed writing weeks and is kicking off with the seven deadly sins – a different sin for each week....more

Jumping On The Bandwagon


Frankie Says Relax: 12 More Pages Guest Post

Remember the sagacious words of Frankie Goes to Hollywood in their iconic song “Relax”. OK so the connotation is not quite the same, (wow I was so innocent back then. I thought they just wanted us to sit back and smell the roses. I couldn't understand why my mum wouldn't let me get the record), and I am so showing my age, but I loved those t-shirts with their pithy message. Obviously after my last blog (“Serenity Now”) everyone will now be living Frankie's dream of relaxation and have achieved their personal Nirvana....more

I'm sorry, but your pregnancy is totally freaking me out. No offense.

Right now there are about a half dozen women I am either friends with or acquainted with who are currently pregnant. They post their big news all over Facebook and upload ultra-sound images and snapshots of their ever-growing bellies.  They even have professional photographers come in to photograph them and their husband hugging, holding, kissing and caressing that belly.  It's absolutely precious. And it totally freaks me out. ...more

I was always so bored by some friends' pregnancy photos and pregnancy talk and I wondered if ...more

Transport Canada vs Terrorism

As the Olympic athletes, fans and media descend on our fair city of Vancouver and many Vancouverites  prepare to leave, the airport is making sure security is ready for all those would be terrorists. We have been on alert since December when Detroit and Northwest Airlines inadvertently played host to a nut case that decided to load his underwear with more than the traditional package sported by males. As a result we Canadians were only allowed to carry on the essentials; medications, canes,wallet, laptop and camera....more