#BlogHer5 The "L" Word(s)

I attended my first ever BlogHer conference two years ago, and I was honored to speak on a panel there. I can only hope that someone who may have needed to hear what I had to say managed to find some comfort, some benefit. It was one of the best weekends of my life, on so many levels. Also? First time ever in San Francisco! ...more

Aw, thanks Denise! ♥ They make me happy. ...more

FW: Post

For those of you who know me, it is clear that I am a Facebook addict. There are many things to love about the social networking phenomena, however one of my favorite perks is that Facebook has practically eliminated the unnecessary, complete waste of time email "forward". ...more

perky cups

Over the weekend, we visited an Aurora coffee shop called "Perky Cups".  We weren't sure what to expect, and whether this was really one of those bikini coffee shops.  ...more

Cooking Confessions - Brunch with my Bunch!

One of my favorite Blogs - Baby Bunching focus on the trials, tribulations and joys of raising a "bunch" or kids born less than 2 years apart. Since that pretty much defines my life for the last 7 years, I'm an avid reader and get a kick out reminicing to a time when my bunch was more chaotic. Like, um, yesterday.Something that was a huge adjustment was mastering the art of socializng avec les enfants....more

Dear Retailer

 Dear Retailer-...more

I can't say no to Say Yes to the Dress

By BJ Roche ...more

awe and incredulity that I slip into while watching these shows. I'm someone that didn't have ...more

A Star is Born!

  Today marks the 15th birthday of my baby girl… who’s been a pretty special, (if not challenging at times) daughter so far. One of the things that amazes me about her is she popped out knowing exactly who she was, what she liked and didn’t like, and she didn’t hesitate to tell you about it!...more

Want to Win at a Tug-of-War? Drop the Rope.

My ex-husband was generally a failure at pet training. One memorable episode, however, taught us both an important spiritual lesson. ...more

Picking battles sounds like fab advice to me! And "Do I really care about this" probably ...more

Dear Boyfriend, I think you might be Polish.

My boyfriend, is convinced that he is Spanish. His father's family is Acadian from New Brunswick and his mother was born in Montreal but adopted as an infant and apparently has no information about her cultural background.  François has taken it upon himself to choose an ancestral background and has acquired the hellbent insistence that he is of Spanish lineage.   And why not?  The food, the music, the dance, the hot men, the gorgeous women, what's not to like? “François in Spanish is Pedro”“No babe, it’s really not.”...more

That is ALL Polish food you said there. And does he mean he is Hispanic or Spanish? Some ...more