Another new weight loss journey

I am 60 years old, way overweight , feel much older than I am and had been to that place in my head that says there is nothing you can do about it, surrender to the aches and pains caused both by my body being so big and osteoarthritis and just give up....more


I have often said that I am singlehandedly keeping afloat (though I've heard others say that too, so perhaps I'm not alone).   Their marketing techniques and suggestions of other items I might like to buy, based on my past purchases are sometimes to blame.  I have been known to be an impulse buyer, especially if a book looks particularly enticing on Amazon....more


Okay. So who in the world would ever want to read about me? Or hell not even ABOUT me but more from me.  I am me. I ramble. As you can probably see....more

yeah i agree i doubt i'd stick to it very long!

the brownies were excellent (too ...more

Crazy Aunt Purl's Home Is Where The Wine Is

I have been a fan of Laurie Perry's blog, Crazy Aunt Purl since someone linked to her here on BlogHer several years ago. Just before Christmas I read on her blog that her second book Home is Where the Wine is was released by her publisher earlier than expected and I immediately ordered it. I spent the last two weeks waiting for and was thrilled when it finally arrived. ...more

This is the kind of book that would feel good to read between my readings in my 14 ...more

Cold Weather - Who Cares!... Let's Talk Shoes!!



Ladies, did you know that when you divide your age in half and then add 8 (so in my case 36/2=18+8=26) that number (26) becomes the age of the opposite sex, for if you were to date him, you would be considered a "COUGAR?" Yes, that's right. And I don't believe that term is alternated with "kitten" which seems young, fun and cute. Cougar seems old, harsh and all "leopard-y." I am considered a cougar at age 36....kind of a bummer. Let me stop you here...yes, I am a married woman....more

"Day" of Resolutions

Well, another year is gone. Is it this the end of a decade or the beginning of one? I mean usually you start counting at one and finish at 10 but I guess you might start counting at zero and end at 9. And how do we refer to the year? It was '97 and '01, but it sounds weird just saying "ten". It almost sounds better to say "oh-ten". "Twenty-ten" is too many syllables but probably sounds the least stupid so I guess we'll all stick with that. Again, I am getting caught up in the details.So what did everyone else do for saying good by to 2009? Me?...more

Will the real {insert name here} please stand up?

Cameron Diaz gave me an "ah-ha" moment today. Trust me. No one is more shocked. I was listening to last week’s Real Time with Bill Maher podcast and already pleasantly surprised when BAM! She said something so deep, so enlightening that I almost had to pull over. She was speaking about how the public can love you one moment and hate you the next... "It's like a relationship," Diaz claimed, "they just want you to stay there because they've arranged it somewhere in their head to identify who they are by liking who you are..." ...more

I can definitely identify with what Diaz was saying. I'm a "late bloomer" and learning more ...more

9 Years . . . Nine Lonnnngggg Years

Today is my ninth anniversary. When we were first married no one thought we would make it a year much less nine years but here we are. It's a funny thing about marriage you go through these strange ups and downs. At first him leaving the toilet seat up is cute because you get to give him that gentle nudge and giggle about it but after a while that gentle nudge turns into the banshee scream and at three in the morning when your behind is cold and wet the giggle turns slightly into a snarl....more

Grow up!

Two words I haven't used very often. In bed last night, fighting a cold and apparently insomnia, I thought about how recently I felt like saying Grow Up to a variety of acquaintances and complete strangers. I'm talking about fully grown "adults". The last time I used those words was in while updating my online dating profile a year ago:...more