Honouring my roots

“For everything flowers, from within, of self blessing; though sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness.” – Galway Kinnel...more

Passover Sidelines

Some of my best friends are Jewish.  Like, seriously, because the wife is a Rabbi*.  It's funny, because I met the husband through a bike team I was on several years ago, and when we were getting to know each other I asked what he did for a living (he was a teacher at the time) and then the fact that his wife is a Rabbi came up in the conversation.  I said "so you're Jewish?", figuring a Rabbi would probably have to marry within the fold.  The answer was yes.  I don't think he rolled his eyes, but it was implied....more

Thank you for the kind words. And for the couple of clarifications - it did make sense. I ...more

Pig Out Healthily This Passover

Passover is all about the Seder. And the Seder means a giant feast with family. What better way to commemorate family and tradition than by a delicious yet healthy meal? Be sure to try some if not all of the following vegan versions of Passover favorites!Matzoh Ball Soup ...more

Make It A Green Passover

Since Passover is a Spring holiday, why not to your best to keep it green and bright? Whether you're traveling to be with family or hosting a seder of your own, don't forget to make it healthy and green! There are tons of ways to make this Passover healthy, eco-conscious and delicious!Let’s Start With The Matzah – There are a bunch of options for organic spelt and organic whole-wheat matzah. Like the following:...more

Poland's Decision to Suspend Compensation Plans for WWII Victims

I should be writing a recipe about Polish Creamed Green Peas and another about raising a bi-lingual child in the USA, but...Right now, there is a controversial decision by the Polish government being discussed around the world.  The decision to suspend compensation plans for real estate seized by Nazi Germany and then by the USSR Communists.If you haven't heard about it, I asked Poland.gov.pl's facebook fan page admi...more

Anti-Choice Bills Will Send Women to the Back Alleys

Allow me to surprise some of you.  I’m a deeply religious person, and I’m pro-choice.  So are many others in my Presbyterian congregation in suburban Upper Arlington, Ohio.  So are many other deeply religious people and clergy (men and women) who I work with across Ohio through the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.  We come from Judaic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist, and Lutheran faiths.  Yes, you read that right.  Religion and Choice.   In fact, when the Ohio legislature writes law...more

A Dangerous Woman

   Adah Isaacs Menken (June 15,1835 – August 10,1868) was the original global Superstar, the first media celebrity, a daredevil American performer who risked her life on stage. Her definitive biography A Dangerous Woman: The Life, Loves and Scandals of Adah Isaacs Menken 1835 – 1868 America’s Original Superstar by Michael Foster and Barbara Foster is now available in hardcover and kindle. A poet and rebel, she was known to Victorians as “The Naked Lady.”...more

Adah Menken, the Civil War sex siren, was secretly a woman of color, jewish and had 5 husbands. ...more

The reluctant wedding dancer

Cross posted from http://sotah.net/I dance at Jewish Orthodox weddings. I  put on my flats, I  kick up my heels,  I shake my hips. I dance from the first dance to the last.  I dance with joy – in the women’s section of the dance floor. I dance, celebrating patriarchal marriage, the silent veiled bride in a long-sleeved white gown....more

The leap of faith & and the narrative of the other at Christmas

Cross-posted from http://sotah.net/ As I near Christmas, I am reminded of attending of Jewish elementary School where Christmas was not a day off. There were no school buses, so our parents drove us to school instead. At NCSY, an orthodox Jewish youth group, we read Permission to Receive, which outlined why Judaism is the only credible religion and everyone else's narrative is utterly unbelievable. Even after shedding layers of my education, this layer is left behind. ...more

8 Hot Hanukkah Gift Ideas to Make Your Latkes Melt

The Maccabees fought against oppression and won their religious freedom, culminating into what we know as Hanukkah.  More than 2000 years later, the modern day world rejoices, yet wages its own war against paying retail prices during this, our high season.  With enough selection to make your head spin like an out of control dreidel, try this chosen gift guide to make your Hanukkah shopping less painful than sitting next to your great aunt Fritzie during the holidays.  These hot items could make even Bubbe’s bacon latke poppers look tepid.  ...more