What Would You Wish You Had Accomplished if Today Were Your Last Day?

I often talk about living life fully. You can approach life in this manner by adopting the attitude that this day could be your last. ...more

Where can I go?

I've been a blogger now for nearly four years. However, I've been a Christian for longer. As a blogger and web designer, I spend a lot of time online. I do a lot of SEO work and dealing with social networking. For years I've been searching for a place to better explore my Christian lifestyle by meeting other Christians. ...more

Old Turtle And The Broken Truth

My oldest daughter, Yuna, brought a book home from her school library the other day. It was called: Old Turtle And The Broken Truth I read it to her before bedtime and it turned out to be one of the most touching and beautiful children stories I have ever read. The pictures were breath taking and the story itself had me choked up while reading it. It was that good. ...more


Hey Folks! Our Fabulous teen group, MY FAITH ALOUD, has put together the first of many video blogs. This video is the first half of a blog on ten things faithful teens should do before having sex. CHECK IT OUT. SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHHIC1liNZ8 ...more

NeNe from Real Housewives of ATL talks to ME about Domestic Violence, Chris Brown and Rihanna

"My Life Without You" I begged you on hands and knees to try to live with me in peace, seem ...more

Do You Have the Courage and Faith to Part Your Red Sea?

Last week after I finished preparing for and giving a talk on moving through fear, I realized that once again I had done so just during the time when the Jews all around the world were preparing to read the portion in the Old Testament, or Torah, called Beshalach. Last year I gave this same talk in Tuscon, AZ, during the Cactus Kallah, and this was the portion we read that weekend. In this section of Exodus (13:17-17:16) the Israelites are pursued by the Egyptians and trapped at the Red Sea, until the sea parts and they travel to safety on the other side. ...more

Sex and Suburbia, A Brisket in the Slow-Cooker

Sex and Suburbia, A Brisket in the Slow-Cooker By Julie Stankowski ...more

Where Is Your Spiritual Partner?

Two rare talks by renowned spiritual teachers, Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally, followed by Los Angeles Book Release Party.  BOTH TALKS ARE FREE. DATE: Feb 20th & 21st 2009TIME: 7:00-9:30pmLOCATION: Holy Nativity Episcopal Church,                                                                          6700 West 83rd. Street, Los Angeles, 90045 ...more

Do You Notice When the Spirit Moves You? (And What Do You Do In Response?)

Do you notice when the spirit moves you? I found myself pondering this question about a week ago amidst a pile of work I was trying to get done at almost midnight. Everyone else in my family had already gone to bed, even the cat, who is supposed to be nocturnal by nature. I realized that I notice spirit moving me all the time, giving me information, inspiring me to act. What do I do in response? All too often, I do nothing at all. ...more

Finding Yourself a Teacher

Here's a note from a reader: "Information on how to approach a synagogue or rabbi for the purpose of furthering one's education would be much appreciated. Which folks are more open to converts? Perplexingly, it sometimes seems the more conservative, the more open." ...more