Walkiing in the Shadowlands

In the Shadowland ...more

In the Light of Day

THE LIGHT OF EACH DAYLuke  20:27-38 in the new lightof each day's questions,...more


PERSPECTIVERomans 5:1-11 ...more

4 reasons to say Yes

It’s normally a five-hour drive across the high desert to Boise from my hometown of Bend, Oregon (including a Chai tea stop). Yesterday it took seven hours to get home because of all this beautiful white fluffy stuff that had decorated the landscape.  And the mailboxes.It may not be as safe driving alone across this barren land in winter as it is in the not-winter months, but the adventure is worth it. Always. ...more

how to transition | epic values

we are creatures of habit | all our lives, we do things in a certain way and no one can change our minds. it is what it is and that's it. but as we grow older we realize change is inevitable to adapt to society and life.especially when it comes to relationships | we must transition when entering a new relationship or even an old one to accommodate the other person's needs and wants. sometimes the process is so difficult that get bent out of shape for no reason and never realize the real reason we are so upset....more

Be the Light


How to Say Thanksgiving Grace

Editor's note: Mata, BlogHer's longtime and much-loved contributing editor on religion and spirituality, passed away in May of 2013. I can think of no better tribute than re-running this post she wrote in 2009, on giving thanks. -- Julie ...more
On Thanksgiving and before every meal.more

Defining How I Eat

Amber @ Mama's Blissful BitesLet’s be real, moving to a new place can sometimes be scary.What I mean by scary is not knowing anyone or where anything is. That’s scary to me. The unknown. But what makes me uncomfortable can only make me stronger, right?...more

Make Room for the Old and the New in Alexandria

When you visit a new city, what do you want to see? The most popular attractions or the hidden gems? Do you get a feel for a place through the hotels, the restaurants, the neighborhoods, or the landmarks? Whatever your travel style, the historic Southern city of Alexandria, Virginia is waiting for you to discover its secrets....more

Own It

She was driving to Aspen and I was driving around downtown Denver, yet we both had awestruck views and couldn’t stop repeating ourselves. ...more