Huma, Don't Be a "Pakistani Good Wife"

Editor's note: After this post was published, the New York Times reported that Huma Abedin is pregnant. More updates below. Now that we’ve all stopped laughing about Weinergate, inquiring minds want to know: what will happen between Rep. Anthony Weiner and his wife? In case you haven’t heard, his missus is, as CNN reports, Not a Typical Congressional Wife, but Huma Abedin, a 30-something Pakistani-Indian American and chief aide to Hillary Clinton....more

I don't care one whit what she does privately. It's not going to be easy one way or the other, ...more

Since Loughner didn't haver a prayer rug...the Media refuses to call him a Terrorist

The tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona have left our country shaken to the core. I sat glued to my television on Saturday afternoon, flipping channels as I soaked up the coverage. Representative Gabby Giffords was originally pronounced dead by several media outlets but she miraculously survived a gunshot to the head by gunman Jared Lee Loughner.  Representative Giffords was holding her regular “Congress on your Corner “  with her constituents at a Safeway grocery store. Six were killed and 13 wounded on Saturday. ...more

Idiots Who Burn Holy Books and Muslim Marketing in America

This is what burning Holy books looks like. See that stack? That's a Bible and Koran. Does it make you angry to see flames so close to your religious text? It should....more

Christian or Muslim? That Is the Question!

While most of us concern ourselves with daily battles within our own little world - shuffling between home and career,trying to maintain healthy relationships, balancing the family budget, there are some thing going on in our nation right now that we had better think about and respond to....more

Mosque. Enough Already.

The other day I was talking to my husband about the proposed Mosque which may be built near ground zero in New York. <a href="">HERE</a> is a story which can catch you up if you have been under a rock for the past few weeks. I had mentioned that I was getting pretty tired of the debate and the spewing of hatred and racism coming from said debate. I understand the opposers' point of view....more

I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong with these videos...please bare with ...more

The burka empowering women? You must be mad, minister .

By Yasmin Alibhai-brown - Add To My Stories - ...more

Park 51: On Building a Mosque Near Ground Zero

When I first caught wind that there were plans brewing to build a mosque near Ground Zero, my initial thoughts were: Are you serious? Why on earth would anyone want to build a Muslim place of worship near the site of the 9/11 attacks? ...more
I am surprised that any feminist would support Islam. If your idea is that "Islam is a religion ...more

Burka Rage Begins in France: Two Women Try to Rip Burka From Muslim Woman

A 60-year-old lawyer and her adult daughter were shopping in a trendy French department store this weekend. They got into a physical fight with a 26-year-old Muslim convert who was wearing a burka. They tried to rip the garment off the younger girl's body because they found it offensive. This is being called the first incident of "burka rage" in France. But tension focused around Muslim clothing has been building for some time in this country that is comprised of more than five million Muslims. (By comparison, the U.S. is estimated variously as up to 2.5 million.) ...more
Totally agree with you . more

Hot Burkas & Hot Bods

Yesterday, driving the 10 hours from Rome to Lausanne, the radio was abuzz with the Big News from Italy: after France had passed its “Burka-Free Zone” law, a woman was fined for entering the Italian Post Office draped in a burka.  It was the hot topic even after crossing the border, and at all hours -- and judging by the phone calls I received along the way, the burka was ‘sulla bocca di tutti.” (THE hot topic)...more