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Cops and Robbers?  I want to know where the secret police substation is. Since Sunday when I was leaving for the game, I've seen no less than seven police cruisers cruising through my neighborhood. This is not downtown Beirut or even Martin Street. There should not be this many cops floating around. A little police presence is okay, its great even, but too many of them make me nervous. ...more

For the Love of Picasso


Journey's Hope for Hope

      Oblivious to the wind chill, heat, rain, snow and holiday preparations they travel. There are no brats, hamburgers, nachos, grills or beer when they meet and they have no team colors. They travel the miles up and down the interstates and back roads to pick up and deliver their cargo. Unlike the postal service their hours are not set and their deliveries require 24/7 care and handling. Their work has no 401k, no paycheck, no benefits or time off. They go when called sacrificing their weekends, holidays and time to rest from their full time jobs....more

Max's Blog: Thank you

My last day with my owners and loved ones January 8th 2010 6:53 pm ...more

It's so hard to lose our animal companions. And hard for me to read your posts. My cats lived ...more

Max's blog: Happy New Year! January 8th, 2010

Today---Is the last day I will be with my owners/family/friends January 8th 2010 8:31 am ...more

Max's blog:Animals who are sick

Sick December 31st 2009 ...more

Sweet Doggy for Adoption

As I resolved in my earlier post, I am fully, totally and completely working on finding Bindi the Rescue Pup a good, HAPPY, new home. I am SO thankful to have help with this endeavor....more

Thank you Lorrie! I hope to find her her perfect home, and soon. :)

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Why I Love My Business

I have been a petsitter now for 5 years and have enjoyed it more than any other career in my life. I started out just looking after a neighbors animals, after that I got more jobs and soon I made it a business. For awhile it was a side job something to earn extra income with my regular jobs such as reporting, recording secretary etc. all these jobs never gave me the joy, satisfaction or freedom of schedule as my business does. ...more

I think I would like to be a pet-sitter too. Even though I'm allergic to animals that I ...more

Elizabeth and her style

Here we go again.  Friday night I decided that I wanted to do something nice for Dogger. I decided that I was going to get her a new and improved E-Collar because I know she hates wearing hers and I thought it would be easy to go and fine a clear one that she could see through. The E-Collar that the vet supplies is opaque white plastic and pretty much like a huge horse blinder and I also think it effects her sense of hearing as well so while she's wearing it she's effectively Helen Keller Dog. ...more