Sick-O There is no page in the baby book for Baby's second visit to the doctors office.  At the first vet appointment she pointed out that about 95 percent of animals from shelters have  some sort of upper-respiratory issues. Wow!I thought. It rawks to be part of the five percent! Tiny is so awesome. ...more

It's a better world already

Priorities I was going to write an entry but then the animals forced me to stretch out on the futon with the kitten on my chest and Doggers head on my lap. It's a hard life. So instead! ...dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria! ... ...more

Starting Over

The Newby With all the excitement and  the snow I forgot that I had an announcement! On Saturday, I went out to check out shelters. I was going to breeze in and breeze out because my heart wasn't completely into it and I understood that kittens are out of season right now. I went as part of my continuing Keep Busy! campaign and the fact that my grief counselor was going home the next day and  Dogger was way behind on her purring coursework There was a Tex shaped hole in my chest and it hurt. ...more

Darkness Falls

Hello Darkness, Now go away. You know what I'm tired of? Darkness. I am tired of it being dark all the damn time. I get up and its dark, I got to work and its dark. I go to lunch and for an hour a day its light then I go home and its dark again. I'm tired of it being dark all the time. ...more

Beep, Beep, Ding!

Worker Monday, I over slept, Tuesday I underslept. The best way to not over sleep is to not be asleep in the first place. There's nothing I find more fun than watching 3: 35 AM turn into 4:18 AM. I have to check the time when I wake up at odd times because it could very well be 6:39 AM and we wouldn't want that to happen again. ...more