A 'HAPPY' Tax Break for Pet Owners?

Better sit your furry 'tocks down for this one. Introduced on July 31, a proposed bill (HR 3501), Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years, or 'HAPPY Act,' would give pet owners a sizable tax break. The primary sponsor, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich), reasons that the economic crisis has negatively affected all Americans and pets should not be excluded in tax relief solutions.  ...more

It's not like people with no pets are supporting people with pets... it's just a tax ...more


My husband and I currently reside in the lower level of a duplex with our Welsh Corgi dogs, Rascal and Bandit. Sadly, we don't have a fenced in yard, which means my husband and I end up arguing..er "taking turns"...bringing the dogs out to the backyard to do their business....more

The Devil's Lapdog, Part 1

Paw used to like to tell this story: Once there was a dog that took up at our house. She was a fairly large yellow dog, gentle and ingratiating. The kind that follows you, and follows you, and follows you everywhere. ...more

Pets? No, Thanks.

Some of my friends have animals, and they love them. They post pictures of their dogs and cats on their blogs, and on Facebook, and Twitter. And, you know, I think that's great. I certainly don't dislike animals. It's just that I have no desire to own one myself. I'm perfectly fine with busting the myth of the single cat lady. (I'm not going to call it "crazy cat lady," because, you know, whatever. The majority of single female cat-owners I know are perfectly rational and lovely.) ...more
love this article.  I feel exactly the same way.  I don't dislike pets.  I just chose not to own ...more

Bath time rituals - a soapy story.

Bath time is sacred. I enjoy it an unreasonable amount, but a private bath isn’t always easy to achieve. When my daughter was very young, I announced I needed a few minutes after work to decompress in the tub and then she could tell me everything, ask me anything.  At first that was okay with her - until it wasn’t.  She sat outside the bathroom door, asking me is it time yet?  ...more

I blame David Boreanaz

I watch TV FAUX needs to step away from the Amish and stick to the things they do know, Evangelicals and right wing politics. That's their knowledge base, when they go afield from that they just look like they didn't do their research or are borderline bigots, since its FAUX I think we know which one is the real story. I hate FAUX. ...more

Bring your pet to church. It is the feast day of St Francis -- and they are invited.

The official "Feast Day" of St. Francis in the Catholic church is October 4th. This Sunday in many Catholic, Lutheran and Episcopal churches -- and some other congregations who enjoy and honor the tradition, animals are welcomed and will get a special blessing from the clergy. ...more

Thank you for writing this. It features one of my favorite prayers. So peaceful. I have 4 ...more


There is something about Dogger...  Well. Dogger is fine. I took her in for x-rays Friday morning and the vet told me that there is nothing wrong with her knee and while she does have some arthritis in her hips, its a very small amount. She's fine. Thank You God. ...more

This Little Water Kitten Needs a Sweet Home

After the flood here in Tennessee, Doug found a kitten looking confused and running around in the muck. She let him pick her up, and we brought her in. She's been purring ever since. We will be staying with a friend soon while we look for a different place to live, and adding to our pet party is not really appropriate at the moment....more