To Have And To Hold, Sorta.

Married people like sleeping in separate beds (gasp!): We were married for three years before discovering the luxury of alternate arrangements. But that’s not the disturbing part. I mean, hey, Who Am I to complain when being offered a king size mattress all to myself? ...more

Yes, I agree, every marriage develops its own set of rules (many you make up as you go)! But, ...more


Living It felt like the day was wearing a wool sweater. It never got light and the air weighed about three tons. I had a headache all day long. I did, however, ride my bike at lunch for the first time since before vacation and it felt great. ...more

Happy Chef

Diana Stewart Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having with my new toy? I'm having lot's of fun. So far I've made a meatloaf and a batch of dog cookies! When I play I play hard. ...more

The "Tail" Of Rugby Jones: A Rascal's Journey From Disability To Ability

New Book Introduces A Hero to Handicapped and Special Needs Kids BOYERTOWN, Pennsylvania (September 8, 2009) - Author Claudia Broome has created a literary hero. He is a Pembroke Welsh corgi named Rugby Jones who is paraplegic and not about to let that stop him. The “Tail” of Rugby Jones captures Claudia’s dynamic personal story about how Rugby is captivating thousands of people with his humorous, lovably cocky and to-the-point message that disability is really ability in disguise.   ...more



The book is available September 10, 2009 ...more

How Does Animal Communication Work?

I simply love it when life is "synchronistic."  Hm, maybe a more truthful and accurate way to say that is this: I love it when I allow life to gift me with synchronicity. ...more

A Day Without Cat Blogging

A day without Cat Blogging In honor of  9-9-09,  A Day Without Cat Pictures on the Internet, I bring you : Dogger Blogging! All Dogger all the time!!! ...more

Really makes me want to cat blog. lol

Great Dogger photos!


I Just Twittered A Critter: Help Dogs and Cats Find Homes

One of my many guilty pleasures is entertainment news and celebrity gossip. While reading one of my guilty pleasure blogs, Ecorazzi: The Latest in Green Gossip, I learned about a fun way to help dogs and cats get adopted in their post, Celebrities Sign up to Twitter a Critter. ...more

 We have one cat too, but would like a second cat, or a dog.


Home Coming

Little Animals are in the House! Yay! I didn't spend the week pinning for them because I knew they were okay and that they would be home soon. I was hopeing to take advantage of all my pet- free time but I really didn't. I had said Ohhh! I'm going to go out after work and do shopping and fun stuff and run around!, but I didn't. I came home and watched TV and hung around. The only thing I didn't do was get up at 5:45 AM to walk the dog. I can't say I missed that a whole lot. But. Monday morning ayem, we're back on the road. ...more

Off leash

Whine I'm not sure if ya'll have noticed, but I've been petless since I got back from vacation. It's weird. The first morning I got up way too early and while I made corrections I'm still getting up too early. I set an alarm, but I've been waking up before it is supposed to go off - I hate that. I blame it on my alarm. I'm so afraid of over sleeping I don't sleep. ...more

Pet hates

If my life were a Disney movie, which I am very glad it is not, the moment when my oldest daughter turns to me with her big brown eyes and pleads for a pet of any kind would melt my heart. Instead I find myself reeling off a list of reasons why we should not have a dog/kitten/snake/lizard/deer. The dog is a hard one to turn down. All films with children include a dog. Even orphan Annie has a dog. A dog is man’s best friend. How can I say no to a dog? ...more