From Maine to Washington, on horseback.

Last week we had an unexpected visitor at the farm, a woman riding horseback across the country looking for a nice place to take a rest. She and her horses Mercury & Wolf stayed two days before they continued on west to Washington state.Here she is, showing her horses to water at the creek. She was a very nice woman, I imagine it would take a lot of strength & a lot of good old fashioned guts to do what she's doing. I'm not sure everyone is as trusting or as hospitable as we'd like to think either. ...more

Top Ten Animals That Attack Pets

When I moved to Colorado, I was warned by my pet sitter not to let my cat outside. "I've lost more clients to foxes around here," he said. The thought of my best friend getting eaten freaked me out but Mother Nature is not always the best babysitter. Ask Ozzy Osbourne who lost his beloved Pomeranian, Little Bit, to a coyote as he and Sharon watched the Michael Jackson tribute on TV.  ...more


And these crafty theives have opposable thumbs .... !  

We're ...more


Keeping an eye on her I was a bad dog Mama : I didn't take Dogger for her 5pm walk because I wanted to watch a movie instead! I know! I put her rehab back because I didn't want to get off the couch. Bad, bad Dog Mama and that's not all I should be ashamed. I read a forum about canine Addison's and I learned that if I was a alert Addison Dog Mama, I would be following Dogger around with a notebook cataloging what, how much, color, consistency and number of times Dogger voids! ...more

Tupperware Love Affair

The dog ate my favorite Tupperware bowl.  Several times a week I reached for it - the biggest one Tupperware made - but it wasn’t there anymore and it hadn’t been there for years.  I had a sense memory of it and kept reaching for an imaginary replacement.  That bowl could do everything. ...more

Thanks for checking in. I'm glad Tupperware is still around - don't know what I'd do without my ...more

Ruth Ravish

Welcome to Ruth Ravish! Ruth Ravish is a pseudonym, an icon for assertive women everywhere which I created when my husband lovingly referred to me as ruthless yet ravishing. He made my day! You see, all my life I thought of myself as smart, worldly, extremely independent and funny, but I also wanted to be nice, like my mother. That did me in! ...more

Moments I am missing


The Tree My Husband Fell From

In a normal relationship, people are introduced to their significant other's family at some point during the dating phase. You know the drill... Girl takes boyfriend home to meet her parents = things are getting serious Boy brings girlfriend to a big family event = a proposal is a possibility And when both parents meet = wedding bells are basically ringing Well, of course the Clueless Newlywed's relationship is anything but normal! ...more

Seriously...Meeting my hubby's family has helped me understand my hubby on a whole new ...more

Walk on by

Walk it off I have had a day. Dogger agreed to take a nice walk this morning, worked, worked, worked then I rode my bike at lunch, worked, worked, worked then after work Dogger and I went for another good walk at five and then I took another bike ride to the post office after that. Whew! But I'm not finished yet! Dogger and I took a great walk at eight. All this exercise would be great except all this extra exercise is making me extra hungry. ...more

DOG = Letters of transit.

Ambassadog Today has been very Doggercentric. We did her three walks, 5:45, still not her favorite, fiveish, not my favorite and 8ish - a big hit.  I think they are helping her but they are making me tired!, I'm riding my bike at lunch too and it's just a lot more activity then I am used to. By about 3pm I really want a nap. ...more

Tiny writes tiny tomes

Letters from Tiny As I was straightening up Sunday night after I came home and I ran across these notes: Der Mama Wher ar u Tiny iz trying rel hrd to tak care ov teh hoz fir yew, Teh hoz is veri beeg and dark and Tiny iz al lon. Tiny iz scrd and wats u to kom hme to Tiny. Whr is dog, wher is mama. Dog iz not hre and Tiny is lonley. Tiny luke al obr hoz no mama no dog. It is drk and teh opengs are covd and hos maks noz an maks cold blo. Who wil Tiny lic nose at nite? Him cant lic mama nose. Tiny sad, ...more