3 Dog Bakery

Over the weekend we had our friends Pop Tart & Strudel in town for a visit. We did the normal things we do when they are in town; we visited the city and had yummy food! On Saturday, we walked around downtown and visited the canals. While we were downtown we visited a few little shops including a fair trade store and of course the puppy bakery. ...more

Alternative forms of communication

People can be so thoughtless. And bitchy I wanted to post pictures of my new planter but I'm having some sort of Java driver .do issue and I can't upload anything because computers do not recognize .do and won't play ball with it. Whatever. I spent the last  hour and half watching some  program that was supposed to fix my little .do problem and it was perking right along until it encountered an error and had to stop so that killed an hour and a half and I still have the .do problem so I still can't upload any images and that makes me sad. ...more

A little bird...

Tweet, tweet At first eating five or six Cadbury eggs for lunch seems like a good idea - while you are painting the exterior of your house, putting 24 inch rims on your Mini Van and laying new sod simultaneously, but a few hours later you won't be able to pull yourself off the couch. If the Powers That Be didn't want me to eat so many of them they wouldn't have been selling them for a penny each, that was a .49 discount! ...more

The good and the bad

A Happy Customer is a return customer. Diana, I'm sorry but I can't replace one plant from the collection. A refund in the amount of $3.33 for the cost of the Tangerine Mama is being processed. ...more

One Death and a Seder

First off, I need to apologize for my extended absence. I cannot believe it's been two weeks since my last post. In my defense...A lot has happened in those two weeks, and I fully intend to catch everyone up within the next couple of days... First up...Passover. As any Jew knows, last week marked the beginning of Passover. My husband and I had planned to have a quiet first Seder at home on the first night with just the two of us, followed by a second Seder the next night with three other friends coming over to our place. ...more

Take 2

Baby Steps 2000 mg Amoxicillin (antibiotic), 400 mg Etodolac (for pain), 100 mg Tramadol ( for pain). 7 pills a day, not counting her existing Addison's pills, so really 9 pills a day.  Again. Substitute Cephalexin and you have what she came home with initially and what I thought we were finished with. Dogger pills okay but nobody wants to swallow that many pills and three of them are huge. Lets hope they do what they are supposed to. ...more

Eco-friendly? Whether your bestie is feline or K-9, here’s a short list of our animal-friendly faves + 10% off.

When you’re looking for ways to green your life, don’t forget about your pets. Whether your best friend is feline or K-9, here’s a short list of our animal-friendly faves. ...more

Through Endangered Eyes: A Poetic Journey Into the Wild Book Review and Giveaway

I recently had the pleasure of reading Rachel Dillon's new book, Through Endangered Eyes: A Poetic Journey Into the Wild. It is extraordinary and so unlike any book I have ever read. Rachel is the illustrator and author of this beautiful book that displays paintings of animals and poems that accompany the images. Children of all ages will enjoy and benefit from this book, because of the artwork, poems, and the additional educational information at the back of the book (descriptions of each animal, a parent's section, and an educator's section). ...more

Experience Project Podcast

This week's podcast has pet stories shared on www.experienceproject.com join us to share your story! ...more

Feed a Homeless Dog Today!

Families are having a hard time coping monetarily with today's sliding economy, but what about the homeless animals in shelters around the country? Who is feeding them? Sam's Club will donate a bowl of food to a homeless dog everytime someone takes this short survey. There are only 3 questions from drop down menus. Take it as many times as you have time for and PLEASE post this link on your site and email it to your friends. This can be your good deed for the day. ...more