Project Pinterest: Pallet Crafting [Part 2]

I am so happy to be writing this post. Mainly because that means I am officially done with the the behemoth project that I took on this summer. We actually finished up the project a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn't able to blog for a week due to a big storm and a power outage, and last week my son had his tonsils taken out. That put me out of bloggy commission too. That put me out of commission for just about everything actually. ...more

Have a drink on me.

I have this thing about never throwing away anything useful.And I have a very loose definition of useful....more

The journey begins

Yesterday I told the Pirate that I was making the switch to "family cloth".  He had the expected response: EEEWWWW!! until I told him he didn't need to use it. Actually, I don't want him to use it.  I'm sticking with the non-stickies for this and boys don't use potty paper for that.Why now? ...more
 @karenks Potty hankie!  Much better name.  'Family cloth' isn't really appropriate when you're ...more

5 Reasons to Compost

Gardeners and sustainable activists get excited as the word composting is mentioned. This process improves the environment and your home life in many ways as this process becomes a habit.1.Reducing greenhouse emissionsEach time your organic waste goes to the landfill, the sitting waste produces the term coined as "greenhouse" gases of methane and CO2 that are then trapped within our atmosphere, which is what has caused our climate to drastically change and for global warming to occur so rapidly....more

Ideas for Thrifty Living

Sharon Munroe...more

Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day is the day we celebrate the earth. It is the one day out of the year that people from all over the world come together to plant trees, pledge to compost and/or recycle more, remember their reusable mugs and bags. It seems to me that people sometimes forget that the earth needs some love the other 364 days out of the year.  ...more
check out for glass straws... & happy #EarthDay!(everyday!) @jamoore100 ...more

Recycle Old Athletic Shoes

When it comes to material goods, I am a firm believer in reincarnation. (As for the human soul, I remain Undecided.) So imagine my joy when I discovered Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe program that takes your stinky old tennis shoes, war-torn running shoes and backdated sneakers and gives the material life anew while skipping right over the landfill. Image: ndanger via Flickr ...more
This is one great outcome of recycling! Thank you for sharing!   more


According to Wikipedia, ”Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.”I love trying to think of ways to use what would otherwise be waste for something useful.  I’ve seen a lot of uses on for toilet paper rolls lately and I think that’s great. There are some beautiful things made with them like this….....more

The Eve of Change

Things are about to change...Alright, Christmas gift cards have been spent- mostly the one I had to kohl's because I couldn't think of anything I would buy there during the year that I wouldn't feel like it was "cheating."  Instead I spent it on athletic-wear so I can continue my every-year resolution of working out more without wearing someone else's sweat-clothes (skeevy)....more

Reusing Holiday Cards and Paper

For a church activity this week I was asked to teach how to use old Christmas cards to make a fan... but I I didn't love it, so I googled for other recycling ideas of old Christmas cards and compiled a great list that I would like to share with everyone, because recycling and reusing items is both frugal and a great way to beautify your home for free or cheap!...more
@magpie Sorry! Yes, I did! I guess I thought it was just too obvious, but it is also one of ...more