My new hair and Project Green Foot- Week 15

Saturday was a girl day out for this mom, and some much needed time alone. I went to Iona Hair Salon for the second time in Fort Worth to get my hair colored and cut....more

Project Green Foot and an ugly veg

When I went to pick up our CSA basket, I saved 5 peppers, a few heads of lettuce, and celery from either the trash or compost. They were all on their last legs, so our local farmer just added it it all to my basket free of charge knowing I would juice the lettuce and celery! That really make my day....more

diy holiday decor

diy holiday decor...more
These are great! Upon first look at the photos I thought they were made of leather strips, very ...more

diy framed corkboard

diy framed corkboard...more

Farm Friday - Green Pumpkins

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home You know the mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle.And that other one: buy fresh, buy local.Well, I've done my part. Check, and check.Like every year, we bought our punkins at a local Mom and Pop Pick-Ur-Own farm....more

National Costume Swap Day

It's that time of year again, when you pull the bag marked 'costumes' from the back of the closet only to find that your little monsters have outgrown the Batman, Spiderman and Woody outfits from Halloweens past. But tomorrow is National Costume Swap Day, a reuse opportunity to turn 'em in for an upgrade!...more
Costume swapping is a fabulous idea! We've done this informally for years by purchasing ...more

BlogHer '11: Greening a Conference

There are many challenges when producing a conference -- and one of the biggest is being eco-friendly. At BlogHer '11 this year, we did many things in an effort to be green. We do know it's not only about "recycle," so there was also a healthy dose of "re-use and reduce" in the mix! ...more
just wanted to thank you, Lori! i read over on Beth's blog you all are taking steps to help ...more

Creative Fabric Storage :: Make Your Own Upcycled Room Dividers

Early last year we decided to accept reality and allow our dining room to become the art room/ workshop ~ an intentionally creative space. In the meantime, it has also become the playroom. This means that I can work with Rowan alongside of me, engaged in her own work of play. This also means that it gets cluttered VERY quickly. (I can't show you pictures of that, my mother might see!) ...more

So creative, useful and really pretty. What a great idea!!more

New York Times, Take This!

A recent New York Times article, in classic "all the news that's fit to print" fashion, declared that the bevy of green consumer products introduced over the past five years is going the way of the buffalo and Circuit City, i.e. headed for extinction. ...more

Living Low-Income is Green

Living the low-income life, when done well, is a very green way of living. Think about it: If you have little money or are trying to save the money you do have, then you are less likely to be wasteful. Low-income families often follow this rule: Reduce, reuse and recycle, whether they realize it or not. Reduce...more
How is a shirt sitting in a landfill bad for the environment?   Going "green" is a ...more