Cycle and Recycle Family Style

With gardens, with homes, with children's clothing - recycling is so much a part of our pattern that I don't even think to call it that. Big kid outgrows and it goes to Middle, and then jumps over Boy (unless it's a rare unisex item like rain boots) to Little. Then it flows out of our home into the home of smaller, newer creatures. In flow things from homes where bigger kids are....more

Crafting With Kids For Earth Day

I was trying to come up with Earth centered ideas to keep my 3 kids (7,3 and 1) entertained and educated on Earth Day. Among other things, I decided to have a morning of crafts.  The catch is that I want to make crafts that only use things I have or recycled materials....more

Plastics Are Bumming Me Out

Last week at an after-work reception, I met Lisa Boyle, the co-founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition.  We talked about food when we met, not plastic.  At home, I looked at her card and thought, "I'm actually really good about not using plastic." ...more

Flinging Flannel: The Day Daddy's Pajamas Went to Poop!

Today I did some mending. My Dear Husband saw me with a needle and thread (I'm hardly the DIY type) then disappeared upstairs and returned with a pair of lovely green and blue plaid pajama bottoms. There was a hole bigger than his bum in the crotch of these pjs, but he insisted that loved them and couldn't bear to part with them. Could I fix them? But no, I could not. As I mentioned, I am not much for these types of projects But something bloomed inside of me today and I had an idea....more

Spring is here and it's time to get those seedlings ready to go!

I adore spring. The extra sunlight, the warmer weather, the increasingly longer days. But I love to watch things grow too and turn into something fabulous....more

Cut the Clutter

New Years Resolution - 10 Ways to Go Green

We all want to try to go green or help sustain the environment but it seems so difficult and time consuming. As my new years resolution I decided I was going to try to find 10 easy ways to "go green." Find out what I did in my most recent post.New Years Resolution - 10 Ways to Go Green...more

Tweet Tweet Home - Spring is Right Around the Corner

I know, it may seem that I am jumping the gun on spring here, but as I live in SoCal (don’t hate me!), I can tell you that the birds are a-buzzing over here!  I have noticed (and heard) plenty of house finches looking for a place to nes...more

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, RESTYLE.

I have a hard time throwing out stuff. It is hard. It drives my husband crazy! So I have decided to start taking clothes I don't wear anymore, and transform them into new things! I have also done some thrift store shopping and found some awesome men dress shirts that I have made into new pieces.Today's post is a yellow men's dress shirt that I transformed into a tank top. I loved the pattern and I am drawn to the mustard-y shade of yellow. The model is my sister. I added ruffles for a more feminine look. Pair it with a belt, and you're set!...more