Trash Talk Tuesday: Advice from the Little People

Last night my little Robert read to me his take home book from school “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” He read each page slowly, soaked in the pictures, and when he finished he beamed with pride. Mom,” We do all of this! We recycle!” His excitement peaked my interest and I was curious to see what advice my little guys could for making our lifestyle more green. So, I piped up “What else do you think we could do to help the environment?” My oldest son Alex exclaimed, “Clean our rooms!”

Trash Talk Tuesday – The T-Disc Dilemma and the Dispute

  It was just last week  I suffered from the great T-Disc dilemma!  I wasn’t sure if  T-Disc could be recycled?  But then I got an idea courtesy of Your Guide to  Green Living  which informed me that coffee grounds were full of nutrients that plants love. As I read I noticed  my lovely oregano, dill,  parsley and  basil looking a little hung over....more

As you long as you don't point it out - he doesn't notice. He's just happy to be fed :Omore

Trash Talk Tuesday - Give Me a Bonk on the Head for Being a Lazy Ass

On my quest to be the Green Machine Vixen, I learned something this  past week...I am a true lazy ass! And still wondering why it took so long for me to get my head out of the gutter and recycle!  ...more

I think it might be a combination of both...I feel like I'm constantly running from one thing to ...more

Trash Talk Tuesday

I realized over the thanksgiving weekend, how thankful I am for my health and family. But I also realized that I take for the one thing for granted that I love and that is nature. So, today I vow to move forward each week with one  additional small step in making my families carbon footprint a little smaller. As most of you know I'm a slacker, so I need your, tips and tricks to keep me moving so I can be more kind to Mother Nature....more

Eco-Chic Meets Environmental Education

Meet Sushanta Bhandarkar and Naz Saeed - artists, interior designers, and environmentally minded women who have found themselves adding another notch to their belts as purse and bag designers....more

Do You Recycle Your Old Cell Phones?

If you've never recycled a cell phone, you're not alone. Cell phone recycling rates are "amazingly low," according to a study from International Data Corp., which says that even a 10 percent recycling rate is considered good. As an environmentalist, I'm not convinced this is necessarily bad news. ...more

As a military Mom I would like to add to this blog that more than monetary refunds a very ...more

Skip the bin. Recycle paper into everyday objects instead.

Tired of dumping newspaper, computer paper and magazines in the bin for someone else to recycle? Here are ten creative ways you can recycle paper at home in ways that can be re-used again and again. 1....more

I've been using the comics to wrap gifts since I was a little kid (my mom used to do it). Thanks ...more

Eco-friendly alternatives to everyday conveniences.

In our effort to save the earth, many of use have turned to recycling and eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products that fit into our lifestyle. Cloth napkins replacing paper towels, handmade laundry soap versus chemical laden detergents, and re-usable grocery sacks in lieu of plastic grocery bags. However, there's one thing our busy life styles are loathe to let go, and that is the convenience of many throw away products....more

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability -- Version 14

BOULDER, CO - When's the last time you attended a conference and one of the keynote speakers was only 16 years old? This was but one of the thought-provoking subject matter experts we were treated to at the 14th annual LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Conference, held at the super green St. Julien Hotel here. ...more

The Green Movement is Color Blind

Addressing the fact that environmental organizations are predominantly white is  something we have put on the backburner for a long time.   Climate change is not subject to a specific age, race, or cultural group – it affects all of us....more