Let’s Go Green Together!

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, we wanted to share some quick and easy ways that you, as a new or expecting parent, c...more

Organize To Go Green

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore It seems like everybody is talking about going green these days. Whether you turn on Oprah, flip open your favorite magazine, or eavesdrop at your local coffee house, everyone seems to be in on the green revolution. There are so many different ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into your family’s daily life....more

Earth To Humans.....

…..You’re all a bunch of idiots! Thankfully, more than one billion people in over 190 countries around the world will be taking part in Earth Day 2010 today. This is an opportunity to spread awareness & take steps towards making retribution for the state of our planet....more

Reap. Sow.

The seeds were planted a long time ago. Summer of 1982, in Hamburg Germany. I was 12 years old and spending the summer there visiting my Oma and Opa. I remember walking into town with them. Seeing a car pull off to the side of the road, watching a man drop old batteries into a metal container and driving off. I asked my grandparents what was he doing; they explained that he was throwing the batteries away in a special container so that they may be thrown away properly. I thought to myself, “what a hassle!...more

Easing My Conscience: Giving Recyclables a New Lease on Life

Do you re-play conversations over and over in your head and think of what you should or should not have said and over-analyze a situation and then feel guilty about how you did or did not handle something or say or do something?...more

Gap goes green

Shopping at the GAP means going for the green...more

For the Love of Compost- A Tale of Roses and Horse Manure

From botrytis blight to thrips roses get a bum rap and rightly so. They’re susceptible to all sorts of gnarly fungal diseases and house unwelcome guests. Currently, my sole Chris Evert rose bush suffers from rust. If I’m lucky I get a few blooms and efflorescence is always staggered. Hmpf. ...more

It's Snowing Styrofoam!

The large box looked too heavy for my 115 pound frame to carry.  “Jennifer Schwab, Sierra Club Green Home” on the label, yep, it was for me, but I hadn’t ordered anything large lik...more

You've Got Green Mail: Eco-Friendly Business Envelopes

The last time I bought #10 envelopes was about a half-decade ago. For reasons I don't recall, I hauled home a huge box of 500 envelopes. Shortly after, I started my green blog, drastically reduced all snail mail, and dragged around my big box of envelopes to a few different apartments until I finally used them all about a month ago. So a couple weeks ago I walked a block to my nearest Staples -- my go-to store for 100% post-consumer recycled paper -- to find the office chain didn't offer any business-sized envelopes with recycled content! ...more

I know you looked for all those envelopes for the sake of the article, but I have a feeling ...more