New Year's Evolution

I'm always amazed at how quickly November and December blow by. Life's been so crazy that I never even managed to write a holiday-consumerism-themed post....more

H&M's ethical identity crisis

What to make of the recent behaviour of H&M? On one hand we have the shocking news, reported in the New York Times on Tuesday, that the Swedish company's New York store had been slashing unsold clothes so that they could not be sold or worn again. This kind of mindless waste makes me feel ill....more

Heirloom fashion

One of my favourite Christmas presents this year wasn't strictly a Christmas present at all. It's this cashmere scarf, which belonged to my late Great Auntie Marjorie and which was passed down to me by my mum:...more

Should My Kids Watch Avatar? A Mom’s Review of FernGully Sequel

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So the close up camera shots of the bad army guy getting impaled with an arrow in an ...more

Could You Go a Whole Year With Only Five Pounds of Plastic Trash?

What if you were told you were only allowed to generate five pounds of plastic trash this year? And what if that five pounds had to include both your recyclable AND non-recyclable plastic? Could you do it? How would you live? According to reports from the Environmental Protection Agency (PDF) and the California Integrated Waste Management Board (PDF), the average American generates between 88 and 128 pounds of plastic trash (before recycling) per year. ...more

Those are really cool SS straws!  Never heard of them.  Now gotta get ...more

Six Stealthy Ways to Keep Holiday Gifts Out of the Landfill

Love the holiday gifter but hate the gift -- and maybe even temporarily love the gifter a little less due to the hideousness of the "gift" you got? We've all got our horror gift stories -- but we need not jettison the unwearables and unusables and unlook-at-ables into the landfill. Here's how to turn those abominations into new admirable gifts and creative endeavors, reducing waste while having a little fun: ...more

I actually didn't receive anything ugly -- however I do receive things I don't really need ...more

2010 My year to get HEALTHY off drugs and overeating...

Okay here we go....I am making 2010 my New Healthy Life. I have a problem with prescription pain meds, and chocolate. I am an obese addict. I weigh 235lbs. and I can't keep a bottle of 120count hydrocodone for more than 6 days. I also can't eat just ONE of anything. I have made many New Years resolutions to lose x amount of pounds by the next year. However because of my weight have become addicted to pain pills for my back, it happened slowly over the last 6 years. This year and for the rest of my life I want to be healthy, weight, drug free, and mind HEALTHY....more

I have a horrible migraine, I am 16 days clean, and 19 months sober today. This is really ...more

Did Obama Blow It in Copenhagen?

We're sharing our favorite links from our friends at Planet Green and TreeHugger. Enjoy! Everybody pees...and everybody poops. Here are the top stories on our personal plumbing from 2009. Shiny! This "Climate" couture gown is laced with hundreds of LEDS that respond to changing levels of CO2 in the environment. ...more

Merry Swishmas

This one goes out to anyone who still has any doubts about the infinite joys of clothes swapping - or swishing as it is known. Madame la Moue and I thought we would do a Christmas fashion shoot to show you a small selection of the loot we bagged at last week's Sussex Uni clothes swap. So here we are pouting and prancing like a pair of deranged pantomime dames. Merry Christmas....more

Eco-friendly Phones: How Green Are They Really?

Decided to upgrade to a new greener phone for the new year -- only to get confused by all the conflicting green tech advice out there? You're not alone. Research eco-friendly cell phones, and you'll start getting bombarded with marketing speak about bioplastics and, I kid you not, seed-embedded paper outlining green features. ...more