Severe Weather At-Home Survival Tips

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My Recent Publications

Two of my articles were published recently."Bujumbura: Tropical Paradise on the Rebound." Go to State Magazine and click on the December 2009 issue. Go to page 24 and start reading about Bujumbura!"Language Lost and Found," in Foreign Service Journal on page 76. It's about the benefits of learning the local language when you move overseas....more

And Then the Stomach Bug

I've been struggling all week to come up with something positive or at least novel and interesting to write about. But I'm at a loss. It's been a week of ho-hum to not-so-great.I had a stomach bug that kept me couched on Monday and Tuesday. When I was finally feeling good enough, stomach-wise, to drag myself to work, I was overcome by the aches and discomfort of pregnancy, which everyone assures me is normal but that doesn't make it any less annoying.......more

Where Does Lost Luggage Go?

We’ve all seen it: that one lonely suitcase on the baggage claim track at the airport that goes around and around with no owner in sight. What happens to it if no one shows up? Well, it might end up at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama. That’s where you can visit a store that takes up an entire city block and find everything from the expected (clothing, toiletries, books) to, well, the unexpected. Here are 10 of the strangest items that have gone unclaimed. -- Mental Floss ...more

I couldn't find my bags while at the Atlanta airport about ten years ago, and I felt instant ...more


For those of you who don't know the backstory, in 1999 I was in the ICU for two months. I had necrotizing fasciitis as the result of a surgical procedure to remove an ectopic pregnancy. Surgeons performed daily debridements to remove dead flesh from my abdomen. They did this for three weeks until the 30 muscles of my abdomen were entirely removed. During this time I was in a medically induced coma because the infection was so severe that the medical team believed (not sure what the following part of the sentence means - something is missing) they needed all my bodies every to fight it....more

Itching for Travel? Read About Canada, New York and Southeast Asia

It's exciting to discover new blogs about travel -- there are so many different voices, so many styles of travel, so many ways to tell stories. It's always fun to take a spin through the travel blogs on BlogHer, to find new writers and meet new travelers. In case you're wondering what catches my eye, I'm always attracted to photos that capture a place, stories that take me there, and voices that sound real. On the practical side, I like information that's easy to navigate, authoritative, and fun to read. ...more

Sherry, I'm nutty about your blog, I think it's great. I'm happy to share the love. ...more

Seychelles - Let's Get Those Pants Off!

For more of my posts, please visit my main blog at Do this and I'll love you forever!Yay, I finally have internet access! Well, actually, I am writing this without internet access, but I am optimistic that I will be able to find an internet café tomorrow, (Saturday,) where I can send this. ...more

Kevin Smith and Flying While Fat

“Hey SouthwestAir: you bring that same row of seats to the ‘Daily Show’ and I’ll sit in ‘em for all to see on TV ... If I don’t fit, I’ll donate $10K to charity of your choice. But when I do (& buckle the belt as well)? 1) You admit you lied. 2) Change your policy, or at least re-train your staff to be a lot more human and a lot less corporate.”-- PopCrunch ...more

Great and thoughtful summary.  I also more

Unexpected Fun

We're use to traveling on long road trips and usually equip ourselves accordingly with a road atlas, food and beverage, CD's, DVD's and any other digital device that our two, lovely offspring have suckered us into purchasing over the years. ...more

How important is a sense of place?

The power of place turns out to be more important than I could have imagined at this time of life. I have friends who say they’d like to live somewhere else but they stay where they are because family is near. I’m the oddball then, because the place where I’m content for now is not the same place where the people I love the most are located.  ...more

Now I've visited over at sweetlittlebrowneyes blog and through your words and pictures, I can ...more