Wineducation: Upcycle That Wine Bottle

There is one thing about drinking my beloved wine that causes me to pause, this particular nuance of sipping the garnet elixir can be slightly embarrassing when the neighbors are around to witness it, that is the huge crash of broken bottles when you take out the trash from a weekend (or a work week, I don't judge) of delightful wine drinking. That sound, the glass on glass shattering, that in your face reminder of just how much you have been partaking in, gave me the inspiration to start upcycling my empty wine bottles. ...more

Upcycled Wine Bottles Do you have empty bottles? Wine? Beer? Liquor? Let's make 'em pretty!I used large lights and plan to do more with smaller lights too!Just make a lead from the plug to wall end...enough to give you length from the bottle (and wherever you're placing it) to the wall outlet. Then start feeding the string lights in....move to the next bottle and so on...I love the glow if these blue LED's! Perfect mood lighting for our bar!...more

Vintage Decoupage Bookshelf

By Misty Van StaaverenWhy have I not posted this?  I've been going through pictures to add to the blog and came across this beauty, one of my first trash finds. ...more

upcycled hair bows!

from the chatty mommy ...more

Thrift Store Finds: Dog Bed Krylon Upcycle

Growing up, I hated wicker.  It was mainly due to the fact that, in the 80s/90s, it only came in a white, Shabby Sh*t Chic look or a natural wood color.  Then, Pottery Barn came along and introduced me to darker wicker and I was all "Heeeeeey!"  Fast forward to last week - I was trolling through Goodwill, looking for wreaths to makeover (future post to come), when I found *this*:...more

Upcycled vegetable stock.

If you’ve watched at least one episode of The Barefoot Contessa, you probably know that Ina Garten is a woman who is always pulling tubs of homemade stock from her freezer. Throughout the many years that I’ve watched her, I’ve taken most everything Ina says or does to heart. But the tubs of homemade stock she has tucked neatly away in her freezer– always at hand, always in plenty? I distinctly remember calling bullshit on them more than just once or twice....more

Make An Infinity Scarf From Old T-shirt

I love scarves.  But most of the ones I own are too heavy to wear during summer.  After purchasing a light t-shirt knit scarf last week, my mind started turning.  A little searching online and I was ready to make my own from an old t-shirt.  Crazy easy and much cheaper than buying a new scarf! ...more

DIY Upcycled Glass Bottle Tiki Torch Tutorial

Hot time in the GD studio last week! It was 95 degrees and the air conditioning vents in the studio weren't flowing – ahhhhh. We managed to keep our cool and have a great show anyway. ALWAYS fun to have Jeff Yeager, the Ultimate Cheapskate on the line to talk how saving green is GREEN. He had some great tips for cool summer green living....more

Whistling a Different Tune

It is amazing how a little paint can make an old tired item into something you love. Head on oVer to the Blog Post Whistling a Different Tune to see the before and afters! Brought to you by Stilettos In The Mud...more