Life is Too Short

Confession: Although I blog a lot about ways to save money, that doesn't mean I use all of them on a regular basis. Even I eat out at least once a week, & much much more if that counts fast food. I also frequently just don't have the patience to go to different groceries stores to get the best price, & I'd be lying if I said I don't buy some brand name items (Oreos!).
The tips I post on my blog are, of course, good ways to save. But if I did all of the tips constantly, not only would I be rich, I'd also be bored with my life. 
I was discussing money issues with a friend, who said to me: "Life is too short to be worrying about saving money all the time."
Some people might agree with her. But that exact reason - "Life is too short" - is the reason I save.

Life is too short to wallow in debt.
Life is too short to not have enough money for groceries next week.
Life is too short to not be able to go out for drinks with your friends every once in awhile.
Life is too short to expect money to just fall in my lap.

If I didn't find ways to save money, I wouldn't have any money to spend on the experiences (drinks with friends, vacations, even college) that I get to experience now.

If somebody were to give me a vacation to Europe or the money for the vacation, I'd rather take the vacation. I think that memories & experiences that you have in life are more important than the objects that you could have alternatively bought with that money.

When I'm old & sitting in my rocking chair with my grandchildren, will I be telling them about the great cell phone I had back in 2007, or will I be telling them about my honeymoon in Paris?
I really hope I will be telling them about the latter.
So that's why I try to find ways to save money.


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