Life is too short to say "I don't know how."

As you may have gathered if you read my other blog posts, I write about aging, getting older, the second half of life.....and what it means....real-time.

I have become acutely aware of a glaring defect in my personality. Although I long to do certain things...some of which I mentioned earlier, I seem to have drifted through life never having embarked on many of these dreams.  Now, I am not saying that I am actually called to such. As I wrote in an earlier blog...I am not talking about riding my bike across the United States. I am speaking of small things in life, which for me lately, seem to always include technology.

Fear stops me in my tracks. Not knowing how to do something will flip my "off switch" faster than you shake a stick at. Now granted, if I had loads of time to figure it all out, you might be reading a different story.  I just find it so frustrating to have a desire to do so much, yet after working all day coupled with everything else in my life....and the intermittent health annoyances...I just can't do it! 

I wish there was a weekend "boot camp" we could attend to just learn it all. Web design, running a business, mastering the spreadsheet, painting, writing like a pro, understanding what HTML, is for goodness sakes!  Learning a craft...would love to know how to make something beautiful.

I did find a three day weekend up in the mountains-just for women. It is at Sinemahoning State Park. Three days for the ladies to learn all the outdoors stuff...hunting, fly fishing, geocaching, boating....Sign me up...I am there this coming summer.

We need, no, MUST stop saying "I don't know how" or "Oh, that technology stuff is too much for me" or "I could never."  Why do we do this to ourselves? Join me as I continue to turn over this new leaf in my life. I will no longer be a prisoner to my own self doubt. I am made in the image and likeness of God Almighty.  I will always seek Him and attempt to discern His will for my life...I am not a loose cannon just doing the next thing that comes to my mind.  I just think that sometimes the Lord would want me to go in certain directions in life...and I shut the door with my own fears and doubts.  Now I say...bring it on...I can do it. 

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