Life Turned Upside Down

It only took 12 hours for my life to turn upside down. I found out that my husband of almost 4 years had been molesting our daughter. Not only was he molesting her, but was heavily involved in a child pornography ring that involved sending pictures of videos of this crime out to other sick individuals. He confessed to these crimes, thus began a new chapter of our life, but not without flare…literally. 

Within hours of his confession, I checked into the emergency room. I was admitted with a white cell count of 20,000, then find out that my small bowel had a slight perforation and that I would need emergency surgery. I spent the next week in the hospital recovering. The detectives told me to lie low the week after and well I couldn’t get any lower.

So now my ex-husband is in jail (thank God), I have recovered from surgery, and I am still trying to navigate my new life under all these circumstances.

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