Life Is Unsafe, So Why Not Take Risks?

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I became fully aware of my complete vulnerability, and the unsafety of my naked, exposed heart and all it had to lose terrified me. And yet, what would be the alternative? To live paranoid that I might one day lose it? To close my heart so I wouldn’t feel anything if I did?

Nah, that’s no way to live.

Instead, I realized that perhaps the quest for safety is misguided in the first place. Perhaps it’s like trying to squeeze the sunset. Sure, we can take precautions. We can avoid walking in dark alleys alone at night in big cities. We don’t need to court danger or put ourselves unnecessarily in harm’s way.

But since we can’t buy or plan safety – since life is essentially unsafe – why not make peace with the fact that safety never lasts forever, and revel in the moments when we do feel safe?

Glimpses of Safety

A few weeks ago, I was at the Sonoma Mission Inn Spa with a girlfriend, and we were floating on two noodles in a 98 degree pool filled with water fed from a natural thermal springs underground, and when I laid my head back into the water, I heard the music of angels piped in from speakers under the water. Floating as if within a womb, rocked to the heavenly music by the lapping of the water, I noticed how safe I felt, held, cherished, at one with Mama Earth and the Universe and everyone on the planet and All That Is.

And I drank it in, gulping safety like a parched desert wanderer. And then I got in the car and heard the sounds of sirens and saw an ambulance racing off to somewhere where someone felt unsafe. And I was filled with gratitude. How lucky that we’re blessed to feel safe, even if only in these little pockets of heaven.

The Illusion of Safety

I still crave the illusion of safety I once had in my younger years, but I realize there’s a gift gained in what I’ve lost – the peace of finding your center, tapping into your Inner Pilot Light, and discovering that still point within where safety always lies, even in the midst of a maelstrom.

Seeking safety outside yourself will always fail you. I hate to break it to you, but you can’t control your life, no matter how many safeguards you put into place.  But you don’t have to control your life to find peace. It lives with you all the time, deep within, in that place where your divine spark flickers, even on stormy days.

Since life is essentially unsafe, why not abort the constant quest for safety and be brave enough to take risks? Why not go after that risky dream, make that risky investment in your business, risk opening your heart when it’s been broken before? Why not seduce unsafety like a lover, buy unsafety flowers, sidle up to unsafety and get comfortable with it, so it’s not so foreign and scary, an unnamed, faceless bundle of fears that keep us stuck. Why not befriend unsafety, and as we name it, look at it, and make peace with it, learn to stop trying to avoid it?

Have You Found Your Inner Safety?

Can you access that still point when life feels unsafe? Are you willing to take risks? Tell us how you navigate the storms. Share your tips for embracing the unsafe.

Seeking peace amidst the chaos,


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