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If I take a chance to chase a dream it won't affect just me. How can I take the plunge in a smart way?

Take calculated risks. Hopefully taking the first step out of your cocoon will lead you toward your dreams. Read my story to learn how I overcame my fears and found exactly what I was looking for.

I remember when my husband jumped out of a plane. He had set a clear goal of making it to the ground alive and given that he was going to hurl himself through the sky to get there, I didn’t think his goal too lofty. When he landed, he claimed to have loved the adventure and said that seeing the earth while falling through its atmosphere made him reach a level of consciousness he had never before attained.

I want to take my writing to the next level and write a book. But I'm terrified. Do you have any advice?
There comes a time in every writer's life when she needs to take stock. I'm here to tell you this: Your friends and family will still love you even if you never publish. There is no one in this world who will care whether or not you publish but you.

Sound shocking?

It's true.Your friends and family are for sure in your corner. They want you to succeed. They'll cheer you on, attend your readings, buy your books, whatever it takes. But no one -- no one will care whether or not you publish as much as you do. Which is why this whole publishing thing has to be a labor of love -- for YOU.

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I have been practicing the happiness exercises you've shared over the past year, Dr. Aymee. How can I take my happiness practice to the next level?
I have three additional exercises that will help you achieve what I call advanced happiness and experience feelings of bliss and joy!

We have come a long way in our time together as we have focused on being in control of your own happiness, learned methods to increase your happiness, learned tools to cope with everyday life challenges and even methods to obtain inner contentment and peace. We have worked up to what I would call advanced happiness. Bliss and Joy.

I'm planning to make a major change in my life but I'm afraid I'm going to make mistakes that will leave me unhappy. How can I increase my chances of getting it right and feel more secure about my fresh start?
Several months into my life change I realize there are some things I wish I had seen before I made my leap. Read on for five suggestions for what not to do and lessons from what I got right.

I left my job as a community college counselor in May of this year. I resigned on Leap Day, following a difficult series of events in my life which left me feeling that this was the sanest, best option.

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Read how these bloggers answered last week’s question: How do you deal with disappointment? What lessons do you have to share from those experiences?


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