Update 4/18/12: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thanks for your interest in this promotion. You can still read the bloggers' reviews by clicking on the links below.

BlogHer invited a group of bloggers to try Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash to see how soft and smooth it made their skin feel. Did you know that every bottle of Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash has more than a jar of Olay Moisturizers? Sounds good to us!

Click on the links below to read their reviews. Each blogger is also giving away a $50 Visa gift card so be sure to read them all for your chances to win!

This BlogHer sweepstakes runs from March 20, 2012 to April 17, 2012 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older.  Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. To read the Official Rules, click here. Good luck!

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Life Well Lived Olay Body Wash Reviews & Giveaways

Update 4/18/12: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thanks for your interest in this promotion. You can still read the bloggers' reviews by clicking on the links below.

Olay Body Wash Review & $50 Gift Card Giveaway

I have a dirty little secret ... I hate lotion. Like, despise lotion with a passion. I hate the way it feels. How sticky it gets. How it literally melts off in the Houston heat. Basically I hate everything about it. However I was cursed blessed with dry skin, especially on my legs and arms, making lotion a necessity in order to look presentable. Add in the crazy Houston weather (hello 80 degrees one day and 40 the next this winter) and my skin craves a great moisturizer.  Read more

Olay- Where Have You Been All My Life?

Where have you been all my life? I’m not one of those people who generally buys into marketing hype. When a product says it will make your cellulite disappear, I roll my eyes. When I’m told that a certain herb will make me lose 10 pounds in a week (and I don’t have to stop carb loading!) I guffaw. And when I read where people go have liposuction on their lunch breaks (surgery free!) I think: what a bunch of idiots.  Read more

Thanks Olay! My Skin Has Been Much, Much Smoother

So let's speak honestly here - when is the last time you slathered lotion on yourself after a shower in the morning? Do you even have time? Anyone raising their hands? Yeah, me neither. If I am lucky enough to grab a shower before packing my son's lunch and then taking him to school I am doing it at the speed of light. The key to existing without alligator skin is to find some kind of body wash that has multi-tasking Mamas in mind.  Read more

My Skin Feels Touchably Great!

True fact: I had to go out and buy a loofah to review this Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash because I haven't owned one in years. I subscribe to the "meh, my shampoo sort of dribbles down and gets the rest of me clean enough" school of Shower Techniques. "But Suzanne!" absolutely no one just asked, "What about when you shave?" I don't want to alarm you, gentle reader, but I used regular old soap.  Read more

Olay to the Rescue. Again.

Cracked! I'm cracked. No, no, not in my head. My feet. Someone stole the feet I remember BEFORE kids and replaced them with those of a ninety-year-old called Nana. Seriously. I think Betty White's feet must look better. It all started with the quick mommy shower. You know what I mean. Wash all vital parts quickly while kids nap.  Read more

Enter to Win a $50 Gift Card from Olay!

You know how it is. You're a busy mom, you barely take time for yourself outside of a shower every other day and the daily toothbrushing and then one day you decide to put on a dress or a skirt instead of your usual mom uniform of jeans and T-shirt. Everything is fine and dandy, you feel good about yourself and then you're at the soccer field or sitting at a fancy restaurant and you glance down at your legs. And that's when you notice that you have three inch green scales growing off your legs.  Read more

I'm a Body Wash Convert- No More Soap For Me

I use body wash instead of soap. There, I said it. After 40 years of lathering up, I have finally realized that soap isn't the best thing for my skin. Maybe it is for you, but not for me, especially during the winter months. Increased water intake and constant slathering with lotion just wasn't enough to compete with the cold, dry Midwestern air I battle with from October to May. Not long ago, I realized that while my arms, legs and hands were always very dry, my face wasn't.  Read more

My Skin Felt So Amazing!

This winter has been relatively mild – hardly any snow and few frigid days. However, my skin feels otherwise. While I have been able to spend some days this winter walking through Washington, DC, with only a light jacket, my skin has been as dry and flaky as it was during last year’s Snowpocalypse. I have been trying a variety of body lotions and creams, but nothing really seemed to do the trick. When I was asked to review Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash, I jumped at the chance, hoping it would help make my skin happy again.  Read more

Olay Body Wash is Made For Busy Moms Like Me

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about something I do in real life that I don’t blog about. “That’s surprising," she said, because you write about a ton of other stuff that I would never ever put on the internet!” Like how I’m writing this post about showering. Don’t get too excited, though, this is a G-rated mommy blog. Okay, PG-rated. Fine, PG-13. Sometimes I use pseudo curse words. Oh, crumb.  Read more

You Can Feel the Moisture Immediately

If you haven't noticed yet, this has been one of the strangest winters in recent memory. Mother Nature has never been quite this fickle and it's been difficult to plan what to wear around these parts. We never packed away our shorts, flip-flops and sweatshirts. In California, we've had very little rain - and our front lawn is very dry.  Read more

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