Update 7/1/12: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thanks for your interest in this promotion. You can still read the bloggers' reviews by clicking on the links below.

BlogHer invited a group of bloggers and their daughters to try Venus Embrace Razor and Passionista Satin Care Shave Gel to see how soft, smooth and easy it made their first shaving experiences. Both the bloggers and their kids loved the 5 blades plus the ribbon of moisture and the sparkling fruity scent of the shave gell was a big hit too.

Click on the links below to read their reviews. Each blogger is also giving away a $50 Visa gift card so be sure to read them all for your chances to win!

This BlogHer sweepstakes runs from May 21, 2012 to June 30, 2012 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older.  Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. To read the Official Rules, click here. Good luck!

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Teenage Firsts and a Giveaway!

First babies are hard. I have been blessed with a very kind and caring first child, but I still think the first child can be tough. For me the hardest part is knowing when to let her grow up. (Which, in truth, is humorous because it's going to happen whether I permit it or not.) There are so many things about her right now that I want to remain, but I know they will change as she gets older. I love that I can pay her for babysitting with Kit-Kat bars instead of cash. Every night she has the opportunity to stay up past bedtime if she earns it by doing a household chore or two.  Read more

Talking About 'Firsts'...it Doesn't Have to be Difficult!

My big girl is growing up. It kinda makes my mama's heart a little sad, as I see a teeny bit of her "kid-ness" disappear each day (although, trust me, there is still PLENTY of kid there!). I love watching my kids grow up, but as they grow, it brings up a multitude of conversations to be had!  Birds and the bees, boyfriend/girlfriend issues, friend debacles, Santa Claus/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy conversations, and one I vividly remember having with my mom--shaving my legs.  Seriously, I can remember it like it was yesterday.  Read more

Teenage Angst: Shaving Fail

The other day I was shaving my legs in the shower when my mind wandered to the very first time I shaved my legs. Some people sing in the shower, I have random stuff pop into my head. I was about 13 years old, had noticed that other girls my age shaved their legs, and asked my mom to show me how. I'll bet she wasn't ready for her first baby to be so grown up; she put me off, saying that I didn't want to start shaving so young because once I did the hair would grow back black and prickly and I'd have to keep doing it over and over and over again.  Young?  Read more

I'm Your Venus

I am the mom of four girls. Two boys as well, but saying that I have two boys doesn't get quite the same reaction as saying I have four daughters.  Knowing what it was like to be a teenage girl, I like to think I'm more sensitive to the "firsts" my daughters will go through, and I really have to focus on trying to make sure  I'm not blase about the special moments. After all, once you've gone over the first makeup/first date/first kiss conversations, it can be a bit of deja vu to do it three more times.  Read more

The History of Shaving According to Bossy. A Giveaway.

Young Bossy never thought much about legs or hair or leg hair until a very catchy commercial began airing all over Bossy's childhood. In this commercial, four girls wearing what these days would pass for ski pants, high-kicked their legs across the television singing, "We wear short shorts!" The product was a hair removal system, which, according to the advertisement, consisted of a cream you spread on your legs like butter which, in a time span somewhere between forever and eternity dissolved visible hair and facilitated the confluence of women who enjoyed dancing in the street.  Read more

Tub, Tinsel, and Teenagers

When I was growing up there were many big moments in life I looked forward to with much frustration because most of them hinged on reaching a certain age before they were deemed appropriate. Driving a car? 15 with a learner’s permit. Talking to a boy on the phone? 15. Getting to go on a date – 16. Makeup? 16, maybe – but that did not include Bonnie Belle lip smackers!  One of the things that fell into the age appropriate category was leg shaving – age 13.  That and the bra rule (13!) caused me more angst than any of the other age based rules.  Read more

One Down, Three To Go

when i was 11 years old my best friend asked me if i shaved my legs yet. she was already shaving regularly, she said. but she had something i didn’t—an older sister. a sister who showed her the ropes of all things feminine and girly. gasp! i was shamed. i felt so childish and naive compared to her. hey, at 11 years old it doesn’t take much to make a budding tween feel self-conscious and awkward. (okay, it doesn’t take much to make me feel self-conscious and awkward even now) anyway, i spent the next few months sneaking my dad’s cheap, orange, single blade razor.  Read more

When the Girl is Growing Up

As most of you know, Angela is my only daughter among 7 boys. Needless to say, I know a lot about raising boys but not so much about raising girls! Yeah, I'm a girl, but not a "girly girl". Most who know me personally will say I tend toward the tomboy end of the spectrum. That's probably why I have a hard time knowing the best way to teach Angela some of the things that come along with being a young lady. A couple years ago another blog friend of mine posted about teaching her girls to shave their legs when they turn 13.  Read more

Girls are from Venus - a Review and Giveaway!

When the ultrasound technician said, "It's a girl," about our first child, I was ecstatic. Visions of Barbies, tutus, and cheerleading outfits danced in my head. I was equally happy when he said the same thing two years later, while my husband could only hold his head in his hands muttering something like, oh dear God. As a post note, God did hear his plea and gave him a boy the third time out. Wherein my husband may or may not have kissed the ultrasound tech. But that's another story.  I really thought I was prepared for girls. After all, I'm a girl. Well. I was a girl.  Read more

Being Pro-active in Tackling Those First Time Experiences

For many parents, there is a certain dread when facing new situations with preteens and teens. The warning signs are usually there when first experiences are about to take place. I have found it most comforting to face these situations head on and talk about whatever is on the horizon. Young girls of today start shaving a lot sooner than most moms want. I am sure you will agree that wanting it to take a back seat instead of front and center at such an early age will not prolong this experience. Most girls will display signs of curiosity and start asking questions.  Read more

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