My life is pretty good right now. I'm afraid that if I risk changing, I will fail. Why should I give it all up to chase a dream?
I've found that facing my fears and pursuing my dreams has rewarded me in so many ways. Failure would be giving up on my dreams. Continue reading to learn how I changed my life and how much I've gained from the experience.

These days, after hours of manual labor book-ended by online work demands, I sleep hard. So deeply embedded am I into the subconscious and my usual rabid, epic dreaming, that when I finally wake to the tune of rumbling tractors, I must remind myself who I am, where I live and what I’m supposed to be doing.

“Oh, yeah. I’m a single woman, in the year 2012, living in a North Dakota camper, trying to learn what I can about organic farming and the realities of Big Ag. I remember now.”

It’s like ’50 First Dates’ with myself every dadgum morning.


Next week I'll have my first day at my new job. I've put together an outfit and look that helps me feel confident but I still have some nerves. How can I get past them so I can arrive feeling unafraid of this new experience?
Practice approaching routine activities with awe, gratitude and trust so that you can build those muscles. Then when you encounter new experiences you can call on your muscle memory to help overcome your fears.

Fear of the unknown and paralysis in firsts can be overcome through creating a new understanding of awe, gratitude, and faith.

Step One: Create a Sense of Awe

Close your eyes. You about to set the stage for newness. You are going to understand when you open your eyes that you will experience everything for the first time.

When you notice the dresser in front of you, the person in front of you, the view you are about to see, it will be entirely new. New landscape, new smell, new feel, new meaning and understanding.

I thought I had an amazing opportunity to do something I've dreamed of for a long time. And then that opportunity fell through and I'm feeling crushed. How do I deal with the disappointment?
I know how it feels when a lost opportunity just crushes your spirit completely. But I've learned a few things from experiences like these. Let me share four lessons I've learned the hard way, on dealing with disappointment.

A friend I care about very much hit me up recently. She had been promised an amazing opportunity, the kind of thing she was aching to do to further herself personally and professionally. And then at the last minute, the opportunity fell through. "I'm trying not to cry at my desk," she admitted. I knew exactly how she felt. At my old job, there were many days where I had to shed tears in the bathroom, or in the parking lot, crouched down between two cars (before I had a car of my own to cry in). Yes.

I want to live a happier life, but I just don't know where to start. Is there some kind of plan I can follow for integrating happiness tools into my everyday routine?
After many years of using the tried and true methods listed below, I have been able to relieve stress and live a happier-ever-after life. If you want to improve your relationships, increase your bank account, get a promotion or, most of all, if you just want to feel better day in and day out, try these tips and see what happens!

The key to feeling happier starts with committing to just that: feeling happier. Make a happiness decision right now, and then use the following tools to back that up with action rather than just waiting for good things to come your way. According to research by happiness researcher Dr. Sonja Lyubormirsky, changes in your circumstances (e.g., moving to a nicer apartment) made people happier for 6 weeks, but changes in activities (e.g., spending time with a new friend) made people happier for at least 12 weeks.

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