There are so many tools designed to help people get organized, I feel defeated just thinking about it. With this many options, I feel like I have to add “research organizing tools” to my already overwhelming to-do list, which kind of defeats the purpose. What are the best resources for organizing and simplifying my life?
It doesn’t have to be stressful to get your life in order. Here’s a list of 35 of my favorite resources, including great products, apps, online tools, books and magazines, and more, all designed to help you get organized quickly and easily.

Everyone needs a list of go-to tools to help them with the important things in their lives. Getting organized is no different. As we wrap up this year in Life Well Lived, I wanted to leave you with (in no particular order) my favorite resources that help me get sanely organized, including some I've created and hope you'll find useful. A few are probably things you have heard of before, but hopefully you will also find a some new resources to add to your list, and to your life. Enjoy!


How in the world can I de-clutter a house with five kids in it? I need some purging tips and organizing advice! -Mama25boys
Help your kids develop good clutter-busting and organizing habits early. It will help you maintain an organized home now and serve your kids well as they grow into productive adults.

From DVD programs that supposedly expand your brain to speed-reading programs, there are a plethora of products on the market that cater to parents looking to give their children a leg up. But before you rush out to buy a brain-enhancing product, consider another (free) alternative: instilling a good habit or routine.

There are many reasons why a good habit is a better bet than that fancy flash-card system.

Is there an easy, fool-proof way of organizing my files? I've tried organizing with a file box, but since that is full, i just have piles of paper sitting on my kitchen table, not to mention the amount of files that are saved to my computer! It is driving me insane! Any tips?
The first step to organizing files can be as simple as setting up a system to manage what files you keep and which ones to throw away. Take time every month to sort thought it, and in no time you will be able to keep your paper and virtual clutter in control with minimal effort. Read on for more tips on how to organize your files online and offline.

I hear it over and over again from just about everyone I talk to about getting organized. “Help me get rid of my paper clutter. Help me organize the papers I have so I can find them when I need them.” What I have found is that people think this is much harder to do than it actually is. Often they have such difficulty overcoming their inertia that they never even attempt to organize their papers. And once they add in the virtual clutter on their computers just the thought of organizing makes them reach for the aspirin.

After spending time with family and friends, working, taking some time for myself and, of course, blogging, I don't have much time to keep up with daily house maintenance, let alone devote a whole weekend to spring cleaning. I am in desperate need of a deep clean, please help!
Weekends are a necessary time to relax and catch up, especially for those with busy schedules. Instead of devoting yourself to a weekend, try spreading out your spring cleaning tasks into smaller increments over several days. Heck, maybe you can even get the kids involved! Read on for more tips to help you achieve that spring clean feel without the stress.

It's that time of year again -- time for spring cleaning! If you're like me, this annual ritual strikes fear and dread in your heart. Does spring cleaning seem like the Mt. Everest of housekeeping tasks? A challenge only a few have undertaken successfully? Don't worry, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be scary, but it is something we should all do. It's not just about cleaning blinds and sweeping baseboards, though doing these things is great. You can also use spring cleaning as a prompt to schedule household maintenance and service checks that will prevent problems down the line.

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