I don't care much about makeup or fashion. I'm comfortable with my style. Why should I care about just so others can judge me?
Getting in touch with your inner diva through makeup and clothing can provide a surprising confidence boost as I recently found out. Read on to find out how!

“They want you to be a model?”

Those were the words that echoed through my mind as I read the invitation from Elisa Camahort Page and Kathryn Finney to be in the BlogHer '12 Fashion Show. The words weren’t my own. Do you remember the episode of Sex and The City when Carrie ripped the runway (and became fashion roadkill) as a “non-model”? It’s one of my favorites, and sadly, I played the episode over and over again to avoid any unfortunate situations.

I am getting ready for the first day and I am wondering how I can update my look for my new environment.What are my best choices for freshening up my make-up and style?
Simple, classic and light are all great options for a first interview or day on the job. But you might choose something more bold for a first date. Read on for five easy tips for creating a look that will work for just about any fabulous first!

Ahh, famous firsts: First kiss. First job. First day of school. First Oscar award. It’s true what they say. First impressions set the stage for everything that is to come so it’s vital to bring your “A” game!

I'm starting a new job soon and I'm having flashbacks to the first day of school. I'm nervous that I will show up and stand out for all the wrong reasons. What should I wear?
Read on for five easy and painless tips that will have you comfortable, confident and prepared to show everyone that you are ready to shine on day one!

I remember the excitement and absolute fear that swirled in my brain and body at the end of Summer and how nervous I was the morning of the first day back to school. I couldn't wait to see all my friends again after 3 months of fun in the sun but first day back also conjured up fears of embarrassment over not wearing the right thing, having green hair from swimming too much or even not having the right shoes or backpack.

I know someone who could really use some style advice. I love her and want to help, but I also don't want to hurt her feelings by saying the wrong thing, or by saying the right thing in the wrong way. How do I bring up the issue without being offensive?
If you're coming from a good place to begin with, you're already more than halfway there in being able to successfully give good advice. Read on for my top six tips for giving (or asking for or receiving!) style advice with grace, resulting in a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Most of us have a friend or family member who always seems to be stuck in a style rut. Unfortunately, and sometimes even despite their best efforts, these loved ones do themselves no favors dressing the way they do. And it's not just about the clothes; wearing outdated styles can often disguise the beauty hidden beneath. Maybe it's time to help them understand just how much they can shine with just a few updates to their look.

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