My closet is filled with black, black and more black (don't get me wrong, this is great for those cold winter months), but now that we are entering spring I would love to branch out and experiment with wearing a bit more color. Where do I begin?
Incorporating color into your wardrobe can be as minimal as adding a brightly colored accessory to your outfit, such as throwing on a colored scarf or bracelet. Or, if you dare to go bolder, change up the color of your eyeshadow or sport an animal print T-shirt under a neutral sweater. The possibilities are endless! Read on for more ways to incorporate the colors of spring into your wardrobe.

The seasons of pure hue bliss have arrived -- spring and summer! Everyone's wearing color, bursting into patterns and just being free with their style. When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Please don't start off with the "I don't look good in color" jabber. Here are some ways to ease your way in.

I see women who seem to have effortlessly found a unique signature style. Unlike them I wasn't born with a fashion voice. How can I learn how to make a style statement while staying true to myself?
Investigate, experiment, find what makes you happy and then head out confident and ready to wow the world! Read on for 10 quick tips for helping you to cultivate your own personal style from Looking Your Best expert, Maegan Tintari.

For some women it seems that finding their own unique fashion voice or signature style is easy. However, what you may not see is that they've been cultivating and fine tuning it since they were very very young. Through trial and error and a willingness to stand out and/or make a statement, they have learned what works for them, what doesn't, and how to incorporate each season's trends without compromising their own personal signature style.

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I love to experiment with different cuts and hairstyles. In fact, I've sported everything from below the shoulder locks to a short and spunky hairdo. I am finally giving my hair a rest and am more interested in changing the focus to my face. Can you offer any simple tips on how to create look that will show-off my features?
Creating a look can be as simple as enhancing your brow with the right arch or experimenting with different liners. Read on for easy tips for creating a simple look that frame your face.

I have to be honest, I’m often lazy with my makeup routine. There are times when I just don’t want to be bothered. There are also times when I only have four minutes until I have to leave the house. On these days, I fill in my brows and throw on a bit of liner and mascara. My entire look changes instantly. Framing the face can easily take your look from blah to alive!

What spring fashion trends can I expect to see arriving in stores throughout the next couple of months?
Expect to see color, and lots of it! From classic pastel dresses to neon colored pumps, this year's trends are sure to put that spring in your step.
From New York to Paris, the spring 2012 runways were bursting at the seams with fun new and old styles and trends to incorporate into our modern wardrobes. Here are the top 10 budding trends for spring:

1. Peplum: a short full flounce or an extension of a garment below the waist, covering the hips.

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