As a result of the cold winter, my skin has become very dry creating patches of stubborn acne. What tool can I use to hide these unwanted blemishes?
A concealer brush is a great way to apply concealer to specific problem areas of your face in order to mask redness and give the appearance of flawless skin. Read on for 7 more must-have beauty tools for everyday use.

Ah, beauty tools. The things that make it easier for us to put our faces on in the morning, and clean them off at night. As I looked at my beauty setup, I thought extremely hard about what I could and couldn’t live without. There are seven beauty tools that I just couldn’t imagine not using. Many of these are perfect for my no-makeup days as well. Here’s my list of go-to beauty tools.

1. Tweezers

I like to wear my hair away from my face, but I am bored of always tying my hair in a ponytail. How do I find creative ways of jazzing up my hair?

YouTube has a great library of hair tutorials, but finding the perfect "do" can be overwhelming. Read on for simple tips on how to narrow your search results and find the hairstyle that will leave you looking your best.

Among the millions or billions of videos on YouTube, hair tutorials make up a large percentage of them. For almost any style you'd like to create or can imagine up, there's a how-to video there to help you out. But with all the trillions of tutorials at your fingertips, navigating through them all is some serious business.

When getting ready to go out I find it takes a long time to prepare and I'm not always satisfied with my look. How can I pull everything together in less time and be happier with the result?
Develop a regular routine of good skin care habits. Then stop playing it safe and focus on experimenting with going a little bit bolder. Not only will getting ready go faster but you'll also have more fun in creating your look.

Oh, the dreaded resolution. Things you really want to do, and usually have every intention of implementing, but somehow, they bite the dust. When it comes to my appearance, I’m learning that I have to put more effort in. I don’t know how many times there has been some huge event I’ve attended, and it took me five hours to prepare instead of two. Why? Because I didn’t have a regimen that included the steps below. So, here are a few things that I’m hoping to become better at.

1. Use a skin polisher regularly

I always have new fashion ideas at the beginning of the year, but then I start to get lazy. How can I stay fashion-fresh all year long?
Instead of plotting too far ahead, make daily or weekly fashion decisions a part of your regular routine. You'll have the hang of it in no time -- and will be turning heads wherever you go!

We all know what the New Year brings... Resolutions, and an overwhelming pressure to keep them. Resolutions are like diets; they never work! We set ourselves up for failure followed by guilt when we really could avoid the whole thing. Instead of waiting for a "certain date" to do something, just do it when you think of it, or soon after. Then it becomes something you just do rather than a big serious impending responsibility that you just want to run from.

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