How do you incorporate fashion trends into your wardrobe without looking like a teenage girl?

Invest in classic pieces, add on-trend accessories and update your hair and makeup for a great modern look at every age!

My mom’s 40 year high school reunion was last Saturday and, about a week prior, she called me and asked if we could go shopping together and pick up a little something for her to wear. I should probably first start off by saying that my mom is a size 4 and in fantastic shape with arms comparable to Madonna’s but without the creepy zombie veins.

What are the autumn must-have makeup colors?

Coppers, corals, and camels are autumnal staples, but the "no makeup" look is a popular choice for fall 2011.

Are you packing away your bright, summer makeup colors? Good, because fashion brands have ruled them out. Of the 40 or so fashion shows that I reviewed, only three used colors that slightly represented spring. On my intense search for what was "in" and what was "out," the fall 2011 makeup trends became very apparent.

Makeup is a form of art. What do you think is the hardest makeup trick to master?

When your foundation or powder is the wrong color, everyone notices. Except maybe you. To master a natural look, you need the right colors, consistencies, and lighting.

I remember sitting in World Religion class in high school {insert Catholic School girl joke here} and the boy in front of me turned around to ask me something but instead titled his head and with a quizzical look said "Do you know you have orange spots on your face?"

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